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New-age skill certifications – The Hindu

With the fear of a recession looming, here are a few new-age skills certifications that will improve skills and get students job-ready

With the fear of a recession looming, here are a few new-age skills certifications that will improve skills and get students job-ready

A recession, however pedestrian, will affect a country’s employment ecosystem. As industry experts predict a recession in the US in the coming years, fears of unemployment are mounting. It is imperative that higher education institutions (HEIs) add courses and certifications that ensure students are competent and employable when they graduate. Here are a few:

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM): This includes the life of a product through phases such as design and development, introduction to the market, growth analysis, maturity/stability and decay. PLM is critical to businesses because it paves the way for strategic decision-making, from pricing to promotion, expansion, and even cost savings. This skills-based course is designed for students from core engineering fields such as electronics, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering.

Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D modeling and simulation tools: Manufacturing and development based industries and their R and D units need skilled designers and simulation experts. Knowledge of 3D modeling and design tools is thus essential to develop virtual prototypes and measure their performance in real time. Students of mechanical, civil, electrical and electronic engineering and architecture must learn these skills.

Customer relationship management (CRM): Customer relationships are critical to the growth of any business, regardless of domain. This certification can be integrated into management electives and students can self-educate.

Financial Accounting: For economies to thrive, accounting skills are a necessity. It requires connection to companies, governments and others. By integrating financial accounting tools into the curriculum of courses such as BBA, MBA, and B.Com, graduates can manage their finances effectively and manage them in a sequential and systematic manner.

HEIs must provide students with information about the latest skills, sought-after technologies and hiring trends and ensure that certifications are available that meet these requirements. This will help mitigate the potential employment crisis.

The writer is Dean, Students Progression and Skill Development, KL Deemed-to-be University

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