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Neeraj Chopra Claims Historic Diamond League Trophy

Last updated: September 09, 2022, 07:11 IST

Indian superstar athlete Neeraj Chopra made headlines again when he soared to another colossal victory in the Diamon League final in Zurich, Switzerland, taking a first Diamond League trophy with a massive attempt of 88.44m.


This is Chopra’s first Diamond League trophy, becoming the country’s first athlete to hold the prestigious award.

With the win in Zurich, Chopra adds to the rapidly growing list of achievements he has managed to achieve in his burgeoning career.

Chopra started his evening with a throwing error and was placed at the bottom of the pile after all the finalists exhausted their first try.

But Chopra reacted immediately as she covered a massive 88.44m on his second attempt of the night to get ahead of all his competitors as he jumped to the top of the standings without much delay.

Chopra dictated the pace en route to the third attempt when he managed to land the javelin a massive 88.00 meters from the point of release to stay atop the stands.

With two throws reaching the 88.00m mark, Chopra was head and shoulders above the competition after three throws and was well on his way to taking home the Diamond League Trophy. A historic first for the man from Khandra.” width=”942″ height=”530″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe> <p>The number of the Indian's attempt four on the day covered a distance of 86.11m and at this point the 24-year-old was comfortably at the top of the standings.</p> <p>While Chopra's closest competitor Vadlejch struggled to reach the 87m, with his best attempt of the night of 86.94m, the Indian kept pushing and delivered consistent throws. And his fifth throw was an impressive 87.00 m.</p> <p>After the end of five attempts, barring a successful salute from his fellow finalists, Chopra was cruising to claim the Diamond League Trophy which looked like a mere formality with no finalist able to push the Indian into the night.</p> <p>Chopra closed out the night with his sixth attempt reaching a distance of 83.60m before taking home the glittering trophy.</p> <p>Read allLatest sports news and Important news here

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