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‘Mysuru Santhe’ to aid education of Dasara mahouts’ children

Mysuru Santhe, a new initiative, will take place here on September 11 and 12 to support the children of mahouts and kavadis of Dasara elephants.

The santhe is hosted at Maharaja College Grounds, where more than 70 stalls bring together clothing, footwear, jewelry, artwork, handicrafts, handlooms, upcycled furniture, vintage household items, garden supplies, toys and items from different parts of the country in one place for the convenience of the public.

“This is the first edition of Mysuru Santhe to be organized with a good cause”, according to the organizers.

A few citizens from different walks of life in Mysuru have launched the flea market (Mysuru Santhe) to contribute to the welfare of the children of the mahouts.

The children have arrived with their parents – mahouts and kavadis from Dasara jumbos. The first batch of elephants arrived last month, while the second batch arrived on Wednesday. They are housed in the palace building in temporary shelters.

A tent school is also in operation to ensure continuity of education for the children, who will be away from their jungle homes until the end of the festivities. The tent school ensures that the children do not miss their lessons during their absence from schools in their hometown.

Mysuru Santhe is supported by the city-based Kalisu Foundation, a youth-driven organization that educates low-income government schoolchildren and empowers them to maximize their potential in addition to transforming their lives, according to a press release from the organizers. .

“Mahouts’ children deserve a good education for a secure future. We thought Mysuru Santhe could be the right platform to help these children. Our contribution may be minimal, but this is just the beginning of a new beginning,” said Bharat Gowda, one of the organizers, in the release.

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Organizers said they plan to attract celebrities from Mysuru, Bengaluru and other places representing entertainment, sports and other areas to support the cause.


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