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Mumbai’s educationists shed light on commercialization of education

Education experts in Mumbai shed light on commercialization of education | Representative

Amid skyrocketing fees and coaching institutions that promise incredible 100 percent results, a group of educators gathered to shed light on the commercialization of education and the importance of affordable, quality education for the marginalized.

The city’s Maharashtra College of Arts, Science and Commerce, in conjunction with the Research Academy of Social Science (RASS), held a conference on Saturday to discuss the urgent need for equal opportunities in education for all.

dr. Sirajuddin Chougle, principal of Maharashtra College, pointed out that only 3% of GDP is invested in education in India, while 13% goes to defence. He pointed to the inequality in India and said that the top 10% of the Indian population own two-thirds of the total income. For example, less investment in the public sector and a lack of income affect the educational prospects of the marginalized section. Even a great leader like APJ Abdul Kalam, who did not have a strong financial background, was able to study, become a scientist and later become president, all thanks to the scholarship and training he received. That is the power of education, regardless of financial background.

The keynote speaker, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai and former Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, who was also a member of the Planning Committee, explained the types of privatization and fund management in the self-financing courses. He made a distinction between privatization and commercialization: “The latter is solely for profit. The skyrocketing fees at recognized universities and private universities show that education is limited to the “cream layer in society”, he claims.

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Professor Kazim Malik, from RASS, explained how the gap between education and poverty has widened since the pandemic hit the country and is widening further due to the privatization and commercialization of education.

The main guest, Dr. MH Jawahirullah, an MLA from the state of Tamil Nadu who had come specifically to attend this conference, emphasized the importance of the government-funded education system. The students of rural India benefited from government schools and were able to excel in several fields. It is absolutely the duty of the state to educate the people of India. It is one of the basic rights that must be promoted and protected. “

Dean of Faculty Education At TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Dr. Disha Navani the importance of basic education among the oppressed sections of society and the need to elevate them and bring them into the mainstream. “A good change in the education system can only happen if there are good educators, good infrastructure and other facilities.”

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