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Meta’s latest Community Chats feature might take on Discord

Recently, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will soon be introducing a new feature in Messenger and Facebook groups called Community Chats. Similar to Discord, large groups can divide and organize themselves into different categories based on their interests.

Users can join audio and video channels to discuss in real time. Meta says the new feature will allow users to keep track of the conversations they are interested in in groups with a large number of people. The Community Chats feature is scheduled to launch in the coming weeks and will also allow users to create a Facebook group, invite others, and initiate audio and video chats.

Group admins can start a new conversation about a particular choice and get a response in real time instead of waiting for users to comment. Other options include the ability to set up event chats, view broadcast-only chats, announce group-wide updates, and have admin-only chats.

Meta also introduces some moderation capabilities, such as blocking, muting, suspending, and removing members of the group. Community chats can be started on both Facebook groups and Messenger.

Earlier this year, in March, Meta added some features to Messenger, such as the @everyone command, which allows admins to send a notification to any user in the group, similar to Discord. Then there’s the /silent command that allows people to silently send a message without notifying anyone.

With Facebook Groups and Messenger having more than a billion users worldwide, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact Community Chats have on competitors like Discord.

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