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Making the Jump from Education to the Corporate World

According to a federal study, about 17 percent of teachers leave the field in their first five years
from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics
EdSource. In a world where job changes are commonplace, that may not come as a surprise.
But where do these teachers go and how do they jump into other industries?

On today’s episode of Voices of eLearning, host JW Marshall speaks with Rebecca Stump,
teacher turned corporate rockstar to discuss how she left the education industry and the advice
she has for other teachers who want to jump from education to business.

With more than 4,669 business managers in the United States alone, there are, according to Indeed
sure, a plethora of corporate jobs out there. There is almost certainly a job that fits
the skills and experiences of teachers, but pursuing the transition from education to business can be daunting.

“Going into corporate America was extremely humbling because I felt like I had really mastered it
teaching and I went to a job where I had the skills needed to excel but I didn’t understand
the processes and I didn’t understand the basics of how corporate America ran,” Stump said
her experience.

Marshall and Stump discuss the leap from education to business…

● What caused Stump to leave the education field and her experience in corporate America

● What advice Stump wished she would have gotten before she made the jump to the
corporate world

● What steps teachers can take to get the job they hope for

“My main advice would be: ask for help early and often, because you don’t want that
to sit there at your computer and waste valuable hours trying to figure it out on your own
while it could have been just a short question. And it shows that you are motivated and
committed to learning.”

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Stump is currently an account executive at Kelly Benefits Strategies and Freelance Marketing
consultant at High Peaks Marketing. She has been a copywriter for educators 2 educators and one
learning and development officer at Preceptor Connector. Her teaching experience includes
working as a curriculum designer and teacher in the Haverford Township school district. She
has an administrative principal certification program (K-12), a bachelor’s degree in
Education from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Education in 21st
Century Skills at La Salle University.



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