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Making tech more equitable is about education, education, education: Method Analytics’ Neena Edwards

Methods Analytics, a finalist in this year’s Women in Tech Excellence Awards, is a dedicated team of problem solvers – suited to a problem that spans the entire IT industry. Neena Edwards, a senior consultant at the company, says the reason the industry is still mostly male-dominated is “historic.”

“Historically, anything to do with science and technology and computers has been seen as a very ‘man’s job,’ as opposed to women’s.”

Education is the best way to address gender issues, and Neena urges parents, teachers and business leaders to show girls early on that technology is a good choice for them.

“What we really need to focus on is educating children, especially at a young age. We need to make sure kids in primary schools are encouraged to participate in science, computing and make it equal for everyone so there’s no ‘Oh, you’re a girl, you can’t, that’s not what we want.

“It’s very important to get that education at a young age, to make sure the next generation is more just.”

For those women who have decided to pursue IT despite the challenges, Neena’s main piece of advice is to be proactive, network and never stop learning. Networking, she says, is “very important — not just to build that network within the community you’re in…out to people.”

Felicia Ziparo of Methods Analytics is shortlisted tonight for Team Leader of the Year at the Women in Tech Excellence Awards.

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