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Learner’s Park; Shailesh Gandhi of IILM University on opportunities in master’s programme in India

Shailesh Gandhi, pro-chancellor of IILM University shares his view on scopes in masters programs in the Indian education system with FE Education Online.

What is the best thing about the current education system?

The current education system offers a wide variety of master’s programs that are constantly evolving to make them relevant to job opportunities in different sectors. In addition, the number of universities and institutions offering such courses is also increasing. India has a growing population of students seeking higher education and two factors in particular provide flexibility to this population.

The current education system emphasizes experiential learning rather than a typical lecture- and textbook-based delivery. A wide variety of pedagogical tools – case study method for learning, projects, assignments and industry notes, etc. – are used by the faculty members to provide such a learning experience. Several programs require an industry internship, enhancing the learning experience.

What is the one thing you would like to change in the system?

I’m more concerned about the challenges than proposing a change in the system. In my opinion, the main challenges in the current education system are:

a) Strengthening the PhD programs in all universities; increase accuracy, insist on quality publications before awarding the degree, encourage the scientists to choose the topics relevant to the current economic, social, technological dimensions of the environment

b) Strengthen the capacities of the students who want to pursue master’s programs – especially oral and written communication skills and analytical skills

c) intensify the guidance services in the phase of selection of an appropriate program and in the phase of exploring job opportunities; students’ unreasonable expectations regarding job vacancies are a major concern

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What is the role digital has played in the evolution of the education system?

The “digital” has continued to play different roles. The students have opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous learning from the best faculties around the world. Such opportunities help improve domain skills as well as soft skills and allow students to set their own pace of learning. The expensive textbooks and magazines are accessible through eBooks and online subscriptions.

What is the disadvantage of digital in education?

In my opinion, such drawbacks, if any, will be individual. I don’t see a systemic problem.

What is the career advice you would like to give students?

Choose the programs of study relevant to your work aspirations and be aware of the career growth that would be possible with such programs. Work hard to ensure the best academic performance using the infrastructure and other resources available in the education system. Adjust your academic performance and skills as you determine your work aspirations.

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