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Know the Stories of These Renowned Teachers Across the World and How They Transformed Lives

A good teacher can change the lives of many individuals and this year’s World Teachers Day theme is also “The transformation of education begins with teachers”.

Today, on the occasion of International Teachers’ Day, we’ve put together a list of teachers who have helped the world make the education sector better, know their stories and learn how they’ve changed the lives of students around the world:

1. Ramachandran K, Tamil Nadu

Ramachandra, a secondary school teacher in a Panchayat Union Primary School of Bogalur Union in Keelambur, was awarded the National Award for Best Teacher on Teachers Day 2022. He has spent over 80 percent of his salary over the years transforming his school. In an effort to give students the best technology, Ramachandran has provided laptops, computers and cell phones for the students at his own expense. In an effort to build a sense of unity among the students, Ramachandran has even been given the same uniform as the students, and every day he comes to the school in his uniform.

2. Ranjitsinh Disale, Maharashtra

Ranjitsinh Disale won the USD 1 million Global Teacher Prize 2020 for his efforts to advance girls’ education and spark a rapid response (QR) coded textbook revolution in India. Disale hails from Paritewadi village in Solapur district of Maharashtra and was also selected for the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Pride Of India Award for 2022. He was also appointed to work as an Education Advisor at the World Bank from June 2021 to June 2024. One of his first projects with the international organization, Disale is devising a strategy to make schools around the world safer for children.

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3. Anand Kumar, Biharic

Anand Kumar is an Indian mathematician and columnist who grew up in Patna, Bihar. He is known for his super 30 class which he started in Patna, Bihar. He prepares economically disadvantaged students for IIT-JEE the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) entrance examination. Every August since 2003, the Ramanujan School of Mathematics, now a trust, holds a competitive test to select 30 students for the ‘Super 30′ scheme. About 4,000 to 5,000 students appear on the test, and eventually he takes thirty intelligent students from economically backward sections, including beggars, street vendors, car drivers’ children, tutors them and provides study materials and shelter for a year. He prepares them for the joint entrance examination for the IIT. His biopic ‘Super 30’ was also released starring Hritik Roshan.

4. Keishia Thorpe, USA

Keishia Thorpe, an English teacher at Langley Park International High School in Maryland, USA, won the $1 million Global Teacher Prize in November 2021 after being selected from more than 8,000 teachers in 121 countries. helped make college education accessible to low-income students, first-generation Americans, immigrants and refugees. Thorpe, who came to the United States from Jamaica on an athletic scholarship, founded with her twin sister, Dr. Treisha Thorpe, the non-profit US Elite International Track and Field to help “risky” student athletes around the world use their talents to pursue scholarships at US colleges and universities

5. Mrs Sunita, Rajasthan

Ms. Sunita is a science teacher in special education for deaf students and works with passion to give her deaf students a scientific and innovative spirit. She has shown that she is a creative and innovative teacher who has kept her students engaged in learning activities under challenging circumstances. She has set up a science lab for children with special needs. She has supported her students by creating an online teacher module, innovative e-videos and classroom workbooks. Her skills have contributed to a wider audience as she has been a resource for teacher training.

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6. Maria Murena Miranda, Goa

Through her unwavering efforts, Ms. Maria Murena Miranda, as headmistress, has successfully renovated, upgraded and made child-friendly her rural tribal school infrastructure with the help of the community. Due to her efforts, the dropout rate at her school has decreased. She has worked hard to support Indigenous students by making home visits, tutoring and encouraging girls by providing free notebooks and uniforms. She inspires her students with good values ​​and helps them build a strong foundation for their future life.

7. Salima Begum, Pakistan

Salima is a Pakistani teacher, teacher educator and educator from Gilgit-Baltistan. She was one of the top 10 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize in 2017 and won the World of Difference Award in 2019. She has helped raise awareness among parents about girls’ education and its benefits. To engage her students, Salima believes that classroom activities should be closely related to real-life situations. Salima has made significant contributions to teacher education, with more than 7,000 teachers in her province and 8,000 more across Pakistan.

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