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Kerala: Students to be taught ‘study of laws’ in school curriculum

The Kerala government is considering including study of certain laws, such as those related to narcotics use, environmental pollution, cybercrime and crimes against women, as part of the school curriculum so that children are aware of their rights and how to can protect them.

State Education Minister V Sivankutty said that while constitutional rights, principles and duties are currently being taught in secondary school, there is a need to educate children not only about their rights but also how to protect them.

He said that in order to make the children responsible and honest citizens of tomorrow, the study of certain laws must be included as part of their education.

The minister responded to a submission by CPI MLA VR Sunil Kumar in the state assembly on Monday that school children should be educated about various laws, such as the Law to Protect Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO), the Law to Prevent Damage to Public Property and legal provisions against dowry and drug use.

He claimed that these laws and the penalties they provide for various violations should be taught to schoolchildren from high school so that by the time they pass out from grade 12, they know what is legal and what is not.

In line with Sunil Kumar’s suggestion, the minister said school education policy is undergoing consolidated reform and public discussions will be held to get opinions on what should be included in the school curriculum.

Including law studies in education policy would also be considered as part of the process, Sivankutty said.

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