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Keerthy Suresh On Sexual Harassament Experience

It is well known that casting couch and sexual harassment are commonplace in the film industry, but only a few expose it.

When asked about this by the media, Keerthy Suresh, the most high-profile actress, said, “Many people who work with me have publicly discussed sexual harassment with me. But I’ve never experienced anything similar. I am known to everyone. No one has misunderstood me, at least not yet. There is no possibility of something like this happening in the future.”

She also made things clear about what she’s going to do if someone approaches her with such an indecent proposal.

“If you approach me in a way that invites sexual harassment, I will refuse because I don’t need the chance. I will leave the industry and look for other work,” Keerthy affirmed.

Keerthy invents Nani in the adventure film Dasara directed by Srikanth Odhela. The film is expected to hit theaters in March next year.

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