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Katrina Kaif “Didn’t Know” Who Vicky Kaushal Was. Then Love Struck “Out Of The Blue”

Katrina Kaif with Vicky Kaushal. (thanks to: katrinakaif)

New Delhi:

From Phone Bhooth goes to the Coffee With Karan 7, bank, Katrina Kaif was joined by co-stars Ishaan Khatter and Siddhant Chaturvedi. In the new episode of Coffee With Karan 7Katrina Kaif was at her best unfiltered, especially about her relationship with husband Vicky Kaushal. Katrina, who started the “manifestation” trend on Karan Johar’s show (more on that later), talked about her relationship with husband Vicky Kaushal. Katrina revealed that she and Vicky weren’t actually dating when the media reported that they were together. Katrina said: “It was funny because there was so much in the media. There was a period when there was so much in the media about me and Vicky dating or you know you get to know each other or like each other and we’re not actually dating were, it was really uncomfortable.”

Katrina also revealed that she first met Vicky Kaushal at the Screen Awards. She said, “And the funniest thing is, it seems to me that it was really in my destiny. That it had to be. There were so many coincidences and things that would just happen. Like I would be surprised. Like, this was unusual. This was strange.”

Katrina added: “What was so great about it was that it was so unexpected. It just came out of nowhere. I didn’t know who he was. He wasn’t on my radar. He didn’t cross my path. I heard the name, but there was no association. This person just appeared out of nowhere. Wow.”

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Katrina recalled: “When we first started dating. It’s so weird to say that. I never said that. I was like… can you say that now, but he’s kind of my man. So when we first started dating, I’d tell someone, they’d be like… What, really?”

When asked if Zoya played cupid, Katrina Kaif said, “I’d say that when we got to the point where I realized I kind of like this person. Zoya was one of the first people I told. She may or may not have expressed good thoughts.” Katrina Kaif stated that the first person she told Vicky Kaushal about was filmmaker Zoya Akhtar, with whom she collaborated in ZNMD.

Meanwhile, during the Rapid Fire round, Karan Johar told Katrina about Alia’s comment on the show that she was too tired to do anything about her suha street. To which Katrina replied, “Slightly true, but I think it might be… suhaagdin also. As long as it’s at a certain time of day.” When asked how Vicky’s number is stored in her phone, the actress said, “husband.” When asked about the “cutest thing Vicky did as a husband,” Katrina said, ” On my birthday… I just came out of a very unwell. Had a very hard time with Covid. He felt that I was having a good time and at one point he just flipped the switch. And he literally did a 45 minute concert of every song of mine and danced the whole song.” When asked to name the most desirable thing about Vicky, Katrina said, “His confidence. His sense of who he is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as confident as him.”

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Back in 2018, on an episode of Karan Johar’s talk show Coffee With Karan 6, Katrina Kaif said she would “look nice” with Vicky Kaushal. Vicky Kaushal appeared to pass out when told about Katrina’s statement during the show. Recalling the incident, Vicky Kaushal said: “Whatever happened on this bench last season, it was really my moment to know that she even knew I existed. We had never met before.”

Katrina Kaif married Vicky Kaushal in December last year, after a 2-year relationship. They organized big, fat wedding parties in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. They arranged a private wedding in the presence of relatives and very few friends from the film industry.


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