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Jagamemaya On D+ Hotstar: Good Watch This Weekend

Teja Ainampudi, Dhanya Balakrishnan and Chaitanya Rao starring Jagamemaya premiered direct on Disney+ Hotstar today.

The movie is available in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi audio on the platform.

Jagamemaya is open to a positive word of mouth. Social media users who watched the film immediately after its premiere praise the filmmakers’ effort with a relatively inexperienced cast and innovative story.

Teja Ainampudi, Dhanya Balakrishnan, Chaitanya Rao and others have come up with inspiring performances.

The crime comedy directed by Sunil Puppala has enough suspense and comedy. The way the budding talents have recreated the compelling crime drama is thoroughly impressive. Xappie Studios deserves credit for this unique effort.

This is the week of vacuum in the Telugu box office as all notable releases have given way to Avatar 2. Jagamemaya available on Disney+ Hotstar is a perfect watch for the audience this weekend.

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