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ISL Broadcasting RIGHTS: STAR SPORTS to EXIT, Reliance-backed Viacom18 set to TAKE OVER ISL Media Rights from NEXT SEASON: Follow LIVE

ISL Broadcasting RIGHTS: ISL Media Rights: ISL Viacom 18 Broadcast: Viacom 18 will take over the media and broadcast rights…

ISL broadcast rights: ISL media rights: ISL Viacom 18 broadcast: Viacom 18 will take over the media and broadcasting rights for the Indian Super League after the upcoming season i.e. 2024-25 season. The broadcast rights have been with Star Network since the tournament’s debut. However, with the growing popularity of Viacom 18, who share the same ownership with FSDL, they are trying to take over the broadcasting rights themselves. Follow Indian Super League LIVE updates on InsideSport.IN.

“ISL is owned by Viacom anyway. They could have done it on their own this year, but they decided to give it a year before shooting ISL because they had a lot of events. But from the 2024-25 season they will take over,” a Viacom18 official said so Inside Sports.

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The Indian Super League was established after the FSDL (Football Sports Development Limited) entered Indian football in 2010. Currently, Star Sports, one of the co-owners of the league, broadcasts the ISL. Star provided a multilingual primetime broadcast that helped ISL reach new heights since its debut.

“Star Sports had a five-year contract from 2018 to 2023. This was when Star Sports owned the project. Now FSDL had a share of 66%. Initially, FSDL owned only 33%, IMG owned 33%, and 34 percent was with Star Sports. ‘Cause they’d show it, ‘ he added.

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However, the current financial model has hurt Star Sports. Declining viewership over the past few seasons could see Star leave after the end of their deal. Waiting to pounce is Viacom18, the Reliance-backed broadcasting giant. Incidentally, the FSDL is also a subsidiary of Reliance.

ISL LIVE Streaming: Viacom18 takes over from Star Sports

  • ISL’s declining viewership has hurt Star Sports.
  • One of the league’s owners, Star Sports, had initially signed a 10-year contract.
  • With the contract expiring, Viacom18, backed by Reliance, will take over.
  • Incidentally, Reliance subsidiary FSDL owns 65% of the ISL.
  • Viacom is aggressively making its way into the sports broadcasting industry.
  • They bought the digit rights to the new IPL cycle for a whopping Rs 23,758 crore
  • Star Sports, who previously owned the digital rights, were only able to keep their broadcast rights.
  • Previously, Viacom18 also acquired the rights to FIFA World Cup 2022, Olympic 2024, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

“When FSDL signed that contract with Star, Sports 18 didn’t exist, now Sports 18 rules the entire sports industry in terms of production. They have a global market value and have bought the rights to the Olympics. When they gave it the Star, they didn’t have a single channel. So now they want to do it themselves and there’s no point holding back.” he concluded.

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ISL LIVE Streaming: After IPL Digital Rights, BLEEDING Star Sports Will Drop ISL Broadcast Rights, Reliance Backed Viacom18 ACQUISITION ISL Media Rights After 2023-24 – Follow LIVE Updates

Simply put, neither the clubs nor the event planners are profitable. The problem is further compounded by keeping the ISL broadcast rights off the market. The cost of the IPL, Pro Kabaddi and other rights is skyrocketing. As more companies, including Amazon, enter the broadcasting market, domestic sports venues in India are experiencing a frenzied bull run.

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The best way to deal with the current broadcasting problems is through Sports18. Because it could grow into a more important broadcasting partner. Combined with its internet streaming service (Voot and/or Jio TV) it has the potential to have a bigger impact on the entire Indian football industry. It will act as the starting point for future ISL growth.

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