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Is online education furthering inequality?

How has India’s education sector coped with the disruption of the pandemic? Has the resulting push to teach online classes been detrimental to marginalized groups? What lessons has the industry learned?

The Media Rumble 2022 discussed this and more during the session entitled “Digitization of Education”. Moderated by Mohit Satyanand, Entrepreneur and President of Teamwork Arts, who co-organized the media festival news laundry, the session featured Aashish Mandhwani from Shri Ram Schools, Kishalay Bhattacharjee from Jindal School of Journalism and Communication, Maya Mirchandani from Ashoka University and Paroma Roy Chowdhary from Byju’s.

“Learning was two ways for us,” said Mirchandani. “One was to re-adapt our content that was intended to be taught in a physical classroom. Second, we needed to learn from digitally savvy students to make our classrooms more interesting.”

The session also addressed whether the pandemic has fostered inequality in the education sector.


Text by Aanchal Poddar.

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