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iPhone 14 finally gets a price cut on Amazon! Here’s how to get Apple’s newest smartphone for just Rs 61,000

Apple is certainly one of the very rare technology brands that is almost everyone’s favorite. But it’s the prices for gadgets from the Cupertino-based giant that make one hesitant to invest in an Apple product.

But if you have been thinking about updating to the latest iPhone 14, now is the best time to buy the Apple smartphone as several e-commerce giants are running special offers and discount promotions for the product.

Since the launch of the iPhone 14, this is the first time that the price of the Apple smartphone has fallen. Amazon is offering Apple’s latest smartphone for just Rs 77,400. The e-retailer is offering an outright discount of Rs 2,500 for the 128 GB variant of iPhone 14. The smartphone is originally on sale for Rs 79,900.

But here is the best part of the Amazon deal on iPhone 14. You can get the same phone for just Rs 61,100. Yes, you read that right. Amazon is also offering an exchange offer for the iPhone 14, which will get you around Rs 16,300 off, bringing the payable value of the phone below Rs 62,000. The trade-in offer means that you trade in your older smartphone for the new phone you buy and immediately receive a discount on the new product. However, it’s not all that simple either.

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To be eligible for the trade-in offer on Amazon, your older smartphone that you wish to trade in for the iPhone 14 must be in working condition. The exchange value is calculated based on the external and internal conditions of the device.

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If your old phone works perfectly and has no major damage, you can enjoy a discount of up to Rs 16,300 on the iPhone 14 on Amazon.

The all-new standard iPhone 14, which was released in September, comes with an OLED display, 1200 nits of peak brightness and Dolby Vision. The smartphone is powered by the A15 Bionic SoC and comes with a 5-core GPU. Apple has introduced new 12MP cameras and improved battery life on the Phone 1.4.



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