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iphone 13: ‘Lucky guy’: Man orders iPhone 13, receives iPhone 14 instead; Twitter goes berserk

Every year during the holiday season, online shopping platforms launch numerous offers to entice customers. This frenzied rush to attract more and more customers puts too much pressure on the entire delivery ecosystem and sometimes leads to hilarious jokes.

Yes, it has become a norm these days to see complaints from many customers on the internet who receive wrong products from online shopping platforms. Sometimes some customers also get much better products than they actually ordered. Recently, Flipkart made headlines for a confusion that has left netizens in splits.

You must have seen messages like this where a man ordered a phone but got a bar of soap or a brick, but this time something interesting happened. A man was lucky when he received iPhone 14 instead of iPhone 13, which he actually ordered. A user named Ashwin Hegde tweeted about this confusion.

According to the image uploaded on Twitter, a box of iPhone 14 was delivered to the customer. Actually, the man had ordered a 128 GB model of Apple iPhone 13.

“One of my followers ordered iPhone 13 from Flipkart, but he received iPhone 14 instead of 13,” read the caption of the images. Look:

The tweet has gone viral since it was uploaded and has generated many interesting comments from netizens.

One Twitter user wrote: “They prove it’s just the same phone, the difference is just the sticker.” Another user wrote: “And people are trending crap about Flipkart!! Such a Dayavaan company it is.”

  1. What is the new price for the iPhone 13?
    The iPhone 13 now comes with a price tag of Rs. 69,990 for the 128GB model, a price cut of Rs. 10,000 from the last seen price. Moreover, according to Apple’s official website, one can buy the new iPhone 14 at a staggering discount of up to Rs. 58,730 by trading their old iPhones. Online retailer Flipkart, on the other hand, gives a discount of up to Rs. 17,000 per customer.
  2. What are the significant differences between the iPhone 14 models?
    The main change in the new iPhones is the chipset that powers them. The standard models, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, continue to receive power from Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset; the Pro and Max versions get the updated A16 Bionic chipset. Aside from the chipset, the standard 14 model and 14 Plus have 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Super Retina Liquid OLED panels, while the Pro and Pro Max come with 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch. -inch Super Retina XDR displays, with a slight difference in PPI from each model.
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