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iOS 16 Is Getting A New Battery Indicator But Only For These iPhones

Apple released the new iOS 16 update for its iPhone users a few days ago, and the new version is already running on a large percentage of the devices operating around the world.

The new iOS version has many interesting features to offer, including support for always-on display, which, surprising as it may sound, has been missing from iPhones all these years.

But in addition, iPhones now also get another basic function that tells you the battery status of your iPhone. However, it appears that Apple has limited availability to some iPhone models for now, without specifying a specific reason. As you may recall, the battery indicator has been omitted since the iPhone X’s launch in 2018.

The addition of the Face ID sensor played a big part in this decision, allowing the company to add more sensors for the security function. Currently, iPhone users need to swipe down on the Control Center to see their iPhone’s battery level. But iOS 16 changes that, well, at least for most models.

New reports suggest that iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Mini are still not showing users a battery indicator. This is stated in a document from Apple, which does not give any reason why these particular models do not support such a basic tool.

iPhones get battery indicator with iOS 16 update

– iPhone 8
– iPhone 8 Plus
– iPhone X, iPhone Xs
– iPhone Xs Max
– iPhone 11 Pro
– iPhone 11 Pro Max
– iPhone 12
– iPhone 12 Pro
– iPhone 12 Pro Max
– iPhone 13
– iPhone 13 Pro
– iPhone 13 Pro Max

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It’s possible that screen size plays a role, or it could be that Apple could offer the feature through the next batch of iOS 16 updates in the coming months. Anyway, it’s funny that Apple decided to remove this feature, something that’s been around on Android for years and is still a big part of the ecosystem.

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