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Inspiring lessons from one headteacher | Letters

I found this long read (“Parents Afraid of Themselves and Their Children”: An Inspiring School in Impossible Times, September 6) both inspiring and depressing. Inspired by the leadership and pedagogical knowledge and understanding of Sue Vermes and her team – the best of dedicated and trained professionals. Depressing for what it tells us about the ongoing impact of austerity and governments’ uncontested ideological beliefs over the past 12 years, illustrated here by the imposition of sounds. The educational story told here is repeated across the spectrum of government services. The role of inequality is mentioned, with the depressing aspects of its continued presence in the UK and the lack of political recognition – perhaps denial – of its existence and influence.

A lot of government commentary is about what, not why. It is probably too much to expect that those who voted for the new government and prime minister could be asked to read this piece.
Blaine Stothard

How, as a retired headteacher, I empathized with headteacher Sue Vermes in her quest to give the children of Rose Hill Primary a fair chance. Not for the first time, I cried tears of anger and frustration at the machinations of a government that cares little for the welfare or education of our children. Bring on your campaign, Sue.
Barbara France
Arnside, Cumbria

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