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Indian Cancer Society collaborates with BYJU’S for 2,000 cancer survivors’ education across India

Indian Cancer Society (ICS) on Wednesday announced its three-year partnership with BYJU’S to support approximately 2,000 children who have survived cancer across the country.

“The partnership with the Indian Cancer Society is a step towards fulfilling BYJU’s commitment to help 10 million underprivileged children across India by 2025. Education For All and the Indian Cancer Society are collaborating to address accessibility issues and provide free learning programs to cancer survivors between grades 4-12 from various private and government schools across India,” the organization said in a statement on Wednesday.

ICS and BYJU’S claim that these children will have access to exclusive content on BYJU’s learning app that is personalized and digitally enabled to meet each child’s learning needs.

“At BYJU’S, we are committed to making learning accessible to every child in the country, regardless of their location or socioeconomic background. We are pleased to work closely with the Indian Cancer Society to ensure that digital learning programs are made accessible to cancer survivors across India, and to help them further pursue and achieve their goals. I am confident that access to our learning programs and personalized digital learning tools will help them learn better and ensure they never give up on their goals,” Mansi Kasliwal, VP-Social Initiatives, BYJU’S, said in a statement.

Launched in 2020, BYJU’S ‘Education for All’ is a social impact initiative that aims to democratize education and ensure every child has the opportunity to learn, the company claims.

“While the Indian Cancer Society addresses and manages the pain chain due to cancer, it remains very aware of the role it must play in rehabilitating cancer survivors in society. The national Survivor Support program focuses primarily on children who have emerged as winners in their fight against cancer. In this challenging task, BYJU’S is bringing much-needed digital learning processes and programs to enable these childhood cancer survivors to face the world with dignity and confidence,” said Mr Hari L Mundra, President of the Indian Cancer Society in a statement on Wednesday.

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