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Inclusive education is the new way to break stereotypes prevalent in the Indian education system

By Mona Lisa Bal

Inclusiveness should also be introduced in education

We live in a society where creating equality in all areas is crucial. The education sector has also entered the period of ‘inclusive education’ to bring about equality by providing quality education to various students around the world. While the concept of inclusive education is for all students to sit in the same classroom without distinction between race, religion, gender, disability and social status, the primary focus should be on normalizing the presence of mainstream students and students with special needs in the same class. school.

Long-term impact of inclusive education

The main idea of ​​introducing inclusive education into the Indian education sector is to provide equal opportunity to students even if they are different and specially gifted. Inclusive education is not only a philosophical form of education, but is also a way to acquire a skill to deal with the future complexities of life. This also helps diversify the education provided in mainstream schools, reducing educational barriers for specially skilled learners.

The main benefits of including this form of education in mainstream schools are the following:

Building Empathetic Individuals: Inclusive education would help to develop respect, compassion and tolerance among mainstream students towards the students with special needs. They not only learn to accept people as they are, but also grow into empathetic individuals.

Schools get to know their students better: It is very important for schools to recognize each child’s individuality and understand their weaknesses in order to provide them with unique solutions. Bringing about such an idea requires an inclusive environment in educational institutions.

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SEN: Its importance and mechanism

India’s education policy designed in 2020 has introduced inclusive education to ensure that students with special needs are admitted to mainstream schools without a doubt. SEN was introduced in this light to provide an equal platform for all students without discriminating between them. We see that the schools that are available for students with special needs lack basic needs. Therefore, in order to provide better facilities, a special domain should be introduced in mainstream schools to provide them with basic needs that regular pupils receive with extra care and attention. However, we need to increase the number of mainstream schools that come with inclusive education.

SEN (Special Education Needs) applies the concept of inclusive education and spreads the message of inclusive education to other progressive schools. They work to bring out the best in every child. They have several therapeutic centers for speech therapy, cognitive therapy, sensory integration, occupied therapy, behavior modification therapy, light and sound therapy, and psychological counseling. Depending on the students’ needs and adaptability to academic performance, they divide their students into four different levels.

Inclusive education, a contemporary movement in the education sector

I have always been strongly convinced that with the right guidance we can ensure a bright future for these children. The trend and technology has improved with the introduction of modernization, but people’s way of thinking has not. These children are often overlooked by society. As a Result, children receive negative feedback from their school and are unable to adopt any positive attitudes. But it is the right of every child to have uniform opportunities in primary education. I have worked with a team to ensure that every child can have a memorable school life that will shape them into empathetic individuals in the future.

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Equality and inclusiveness are an essential element in the 21st century, especially in the education sector, as it would help shape individuals with compact personality who can be effective leaders of the future. Apart from that, establishing inclusive education would also help parents realize their dreams and send their special needs neighborhoods to mainstream schools. Decision making would be easy for such parents and admitting their specially handicapped children to school would be hassle free. This gives them a fair chance to gain experience and contribute to society.

The author is President, KiiT International School.

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