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In a first, Govt panel to oversee admissions of EWS in private schools

“When the warrant is issued, all ambiguity will be cleared up,” said one parent.

Remarkably, some elite schools in Srinagar and other districts have leased hundreds of canals of government land, at which the schools pay a very nominal price as rent to the government.

“Since the schools pay a nominal rate to the government as rent, they are supposed to keep about 20 percent of admission reserved for poor students,” an official said.

He said the schools are not adhering to the lease by not allowing access to kindergarten students.

“But the government has taken it seriously and this year it will look closely at the entire admission process,” the official said.

While some schools have started admissions, the panel would review admissions to bring these institutions into line with EWS standards.

“Even if some schools have already started or completed the admission process, from now on they will have to reconsider and start over as per government guidelines,” the official said.

It has emerged that some schools in Srinagar have already started the admission process and have collected the admission fee (capitalization fee) from parents in violation of the government orders issued from time to time.

For the past two years, the government has imposed a general ban on the demand or collection of principal by parents’ schools for granting access to their children.

“This year, the whole admissions process in schools will be transparent as the commission will oversee it so that poor students are not wronged,” the official said.

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