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IIT Madras offers online MTech course for working professionals

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has launched an online Masters in Technology (MTech) course for working professionals, similar to the popular executive MBA courses that enable people from the management field to pursue the educational qualification alongside their job.

Technology companies’ tailor-made online program for qualified engineers has already gained popularity with over 600 working professionals already enrolled in the three-year course, rather than the regular two-year.

Classes are taught online and projects can be done at their own companies. IIT Madras has become the first IIT to offer an MTech course through distance mode through the Center for Continuing Education.

prof. Devendra Jalihal, president of the center of IIT Madras, said, “The students of this program have the same rights and privileges as ordinary students. The working professionals can carry out the project work at their workplaces. They do not require a residence permit as compared to sponsored candidates. From only 14 candidates in 2020, the number has risen to 605 this year.

According to IIT Madras, their own faculty, lecturers from other top academic institutions and leading industry professionals will lead the classes for these students. In addition to classes, which are held in the evenings, students also interact live with their faculty members. The students can take exams in the same city as their offices. As for the evaluation method, a problem statement is evaluated and approved by the faculty of IIT Madras. A mentor from the company guides the student in the workplace. The student’s progress is jointly evaluated by the faculty of IIT Madras and the mentor. The role of IIT Madras Faculty would be to approve the problem statement and review progress.

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Prof Jalihal listed companies that have sent their employees to continue this MTech program, said: “Silicon Labs, Qualcomm, BEL, HAL, BNY, Silicon labs, Synopsis, Valeo, Cypress, Honeywell, Analog devices, HCL, Sundaram Clyton , Mahindra, Daimler, Bosch, Lam Research and Fiat Chrysler are some of the organizations among others.”

The MTech degree for working professionals already includes programs on communications, VLSI and analog circuits, microelectronics, multimedia signal processing, software security, automotive engineering, mechanical design, interdisciplinary programs in quantum technology, and data science.



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