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IIT Madras Joins Hand With State Government To Build High Tech Labs In 6,000 Schools & Improve Educational Quality

The prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) is partnering with Tamil Nadu’s Department of School Education on an ambitious project to build high-tech laboratories in 6,000 government schools. The labs, once completed, are expected to benefit about 90 lakh students. Researchers at IIT-M will develop a new learning management system and update the existing platforms during the project.

The upgrade is expected to boost the learning experience of both students and educators through the adoption of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It comes along with the idea that the quality of education systems can be improved by building a data-driven framework.

Focus on assessment

According to information released by the officials, IIT-M will upgrade its current digital learning platform – Education Management Information System – to one more focused on assessments. The researchers would integrate modern AI technologies and their data science expertise to explore ways to “improve the way assessments are conducted and the framework for the dissemination of educational materials.”

IIT Madras will use AI and data science expertise to transform the Education Management Information System currently used by Tamil Nadu students to improve assessments and update the framework for the distribution of educational materials. According to a report by India Today, it would be further equipped with a range of tools such as assessment making, performance evaluation including fraud detection, and various dashboards to monitor students’ learning progress, as well as school and district level monitoring. The updated system is expected to be deployed through the newly built high-tech laboratories in approximately 6,000 government schools.

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Performing the huge task

This ambitious and large-scale project is expected to benefit and improve the learning experience of about 90 lakh students in the state. In view of the scale, the initiative will be jointly implemented by the IIT-M faculty, students, project staff and channel partners of the Robert Bosch Center of Data Science and AI (RBCDSAI).

Speaking of the project, an associate professor in the Department of Management Studies and core member of the RBCDSAI said that “the digital medium would allow us to adapt content and track progress in ways that would otherwise be unimaginable.” Dr. Sudarsanam also happens to be the principal investigator of this collaborative project.

The project will reportedly be implemented in three phases. Initially, the focus would be on content management for the educational material and assessment, the second phase would work on delivery and feedback for the prepared material, and the final phase would focus on data analysis, dashboards, and the reporting system. This form of technology exercise would incorporate AI and ML to make it easier to conduct personalized mentoring for students based on their weaknesses, help administration review papers, review learning patterns, and explore many more opportunities .

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