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IIT Bombay launches Trust lab to foster a digital trust ecosystem through educational activities

Today, September 15, 2022, IIT Bombay launched their foundational initiative ‘IIT Bombay Trust Lab’. This is considered the latest step in IIT Bombay’s mission to create world-class research ecosystems in key technology areas. The trustlab aims to make a leading contribution to the discerning enterprise to create a more reliable digital environment for today and the future.

The Trust Lab will be set up at the Computer Science & Engineering Department of IIT Bombay. It was expected to boost various research, education, development, outreach and entrepreneurship activities by leveraging IIT Bombay’s expertise in security, privacy and, more broadly, digital trust.

Speaking about the ‘IIT Bombay Trust Lab’, Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director of IIT Bombay said: “With digital experiences rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives, security, privacy, access and usability at a population scale, empowering citizens , etc. become fundamental factors for a secure and prosperous society and nation.The establishment of the ‘IIT Bombay Trust Lab’ will enable the Institute to lead the way in the digital trust domain and significantly support nation-building. Shukla deeply grateful for his generosity that has enabled the Institute to take a huge step forward in this direction and accelerate its mission to play a key role in solving national and global challenges.”

IIT Bombay Trust Lab: Highlights

  • It will focus on ‘trust’ issues in our digital environment, including security, privacy, accountability and the trustworthiness of the environment as a whole.
  • It will excel in digital trust through multifarious activities such as attracting and nurturing world-class researchers to build a globally competitive research program
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The Trust Lab is also expected to create a deep societal impact in the field of digital trust, through collaborations with industry and government agencies in the form of joint research projects, expert advice, providing policy input, developing and managing resources such as state- of-the-art free and open-source software (FOSS), incubating start-ups and more



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