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How to use Trade Rocket in No Man’s Sky Waypoint

No Man’s Sky players generally have to travel from one place to another when they want to sell their collected wares in the market to earn in-game currency. Fortunately, Hello Games has decided to make that element of the game much easier with the introduction of personal Trade Rockets in the latest 4.0 update.

The latest Waypoint update in No Man’s Sky has brought a plethora of new and improved features for newcomers and veterans alike. The 4.0 update was released along with the game’s launch on Nintendo Switch and included changes such as an automatic save system, visual effects revisions, custom game modes, and much more.

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One such addition is the personal Trade Rocket system, and this article will help you use it.

How players can get and use their trade missiles in No Man’s Sky

The Waypoint update adds a Trade Rocket as an unlockable upgrade to players’ Exosuits. The missile can be summoned to a planetary surface by players from anywhere. By loading it and launching it to the nearest local space station, players can automatically sell their items on the Galactic Trade Network.

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So, how do you unlock and use this new feature? Interested players can follow the steps below to use the Trade Rockets in-game:

  • Once you’re in your game world, summon the Anomaly by opening the shortcut menu and summoning it. Once the Anomaly arrives, go inside.
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Trade Rocket (Image via No Man's Sky)
Trade Rocket (Image via No Man’s Sky)
  • Go to Selene, who sells Exosuit Research Upgrades. You will find them on the first floor at the rear. Once you interact with them and open the tree of available upgrades, you will find the Trade Rocket option. You need 90 Nanites to buy, provided you already have the Haz-Mat Gauntlet. Once purchased, you can exit the Anomaly.
Installing Trade Rocket (image via No Man's Sky)
Installing Trade Rocket (image via No Man’s Sky)
  • Once in your inventory, you can install the Trade Rocket in a Technology slot. The latest Waypoint update means technologies can only be installed in Technology slots. To complete the installation you will need 90 di-hydrogen, 2 harnesses and 120 tritium.
Convocation (Image via Hello Games)
Convocation (Image via Hello Games)
  • You can now summon the Trade Rocket. Stand on the surface of a planet, open the shortcut menu and summon the trade missile using the same option you use to summon your ship.
Loading (Image via Hello Games)
Loading (Image via Hello Games)
  • The Trade Rocket will be arriving soon and looking pretty glorious, thanks to its recent visual overhaul. You can load the Trade Rocket with items from your inventory. You can see how much money you receive and then choose to start it.
Takeoff (Image via Hello Games)
Takeoff (Image via Hello Games)
  • Watch it fly into space and the money is added to your wallet.

No Man’s Sky itself received some major updates in 2022, introducing a slew of new content and changing the way players experienced the exploration title. Waypoint goes even further, especially with the Trade Rocket mechanism and the auto-save function.

Hello Games CEO Sean Murray has assured fans that there will be more updates to No Man’s Sky and players will have to wait and see what they are. It’s always interesting to see how far this particular space exploration title has come since its disastrous launch and it doesn’t look like Hello Games will be stopping anytime soon.

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