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How to start Fooligan Jobs in GTA Online after Los Santos Drug Wars update

GTA Online players can earn some extra money with the Fooligan Jobs in the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

Rockstar Games recently introduced a new gang known as The Fooliganz, who are planning to take up residence all over the state of San Andreas. For this, of course, they need the help of the player.

GTA Online players can boost their business with the Fooligan Jobs. If they meet certain requirements, they can call Dax and request a special job from him. After a few seconds, he gives them something to do in the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

Meet Dax to get Fooligan Jobs in GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars update

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Ron Jakowski will call you as soon as you log in to GTA Online. He will direct you to Ace Liquor on the Sandy Shores, where Trevor Philips used to hang out. The place has since been taken over by Dax, a “narcotic messiah” who leads The Fooliganz.

Before you ask Dax for a job, you’ll have to prove yourself to him first. First Dose offers six different missions in the Los Santos Drug Wars update. To prove yourself, you just need to complete the first one, “Welcome to the Troupe”, in which you have to defend yourself against the Lost MC bikers.

After successfully completing the first mission, Dax becomes a phone contact. He is one of the more useful characters in the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Now that he knows what you are capable of, he can give you a lot more work over time.

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Always call Dax

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As long as Dax is listed as a phone contact, you can call him in the Los Santos Drug Wars update. You will be presented with two options: “Request Work” and “Request Transportation”. Of course, the first is more relevant to this situation, so choose the first choice.

You can then finally get started with the Fooligan Jobs, which range from destroying weed farms to planting explosives in selected areas. GTA Online randomly selects these missions, so you don’t know what you’ll get until you do it.

The Fooligan Jobs can be run in free mode lobbies. You don’t have to disrupt the session you’re currently playing in. Completing the missions could potentially earn you $100,000 in the Los Santos Drug Wars update, which is some really good money.

Fooligan Jobs is doubling the rewards this week

GTA Online’s weekly bonuses will heavily prioritize the Los Santos Drug Wars update. From now until next week, players will earn twice as much money and reputation as the Fooligan Jobs. Under normal circumstances, players would only earn $50,000, but this week that figure rises to $100,000.

Players just need to make sure they keep showing Dax under their phone contacts as they now have the option to hide certain contacts.

Now is a great time for players to get started with the Fooligan Jobs. If they’re skilled enough, the missions will only last less than eight minutes. With a little practice, players will be sitting on a mountain of cash.

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