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How to possibly fix it

The second session of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta is now live. In it, COD fans will have a great time trying out some of the great features the upcoming franchise entry has to offer.

However, the shooter beta is plagued with a significant number of performance issues across all platforms: PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Additionally, some of the issues players have faced have to do with network and connectivity. An example is the “Connection failed” error that pops up for many when they are in a match or when they try to start the game.

Unfortunately, since Moder Warfare 2 is still in beta, there is no permanent fix for the issue yet. However, today’s guide goes into certain measures players can take to temporarily fix it.

Troubleshoot the “Connection Failed” Error in Modern Warfare 2

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The reason why the “Connection failed” error occurs in Modern Warfare 2 is not something the community has been able to determine so far. However, here are a few steps players should take to temporarily fix it:

  • You first need to make sure that the online services for Modern Warfare 2 are actually live. Often beta servers turn out to be temporarily unavailable, preventing players from accessing the game, and getting the “Connection Failed” error message.
  • You should therefore visit Activision-Blizzard’s online server status page to see if the servers are online at all when faced with the error. Here is the link to the company’s server: https://support.activision.com/onlineservices.
  • If you’re still encountering the error after checking Activision’s server status, make sure the platform you’re playing the game on isn’t the cause of the problem.
  • This step is primarily intended for PlayStation and Xbox owners, who need to check for issues with their systems’ online services.
  • If all is well on that front, and you’re still getting the “Connection failed” error in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, then the next viable solution is to restart the game and even the device it’s running on, if necessary . Many in the community have said that rebooting temporarily solved the problem for them.
  • Reinstalling Modern Warfare from scratch or looking for updates and patching to the latest version is another viable solution you can look into. Since the title is still in beta, it gets constant updates. It is important that fans keep the client up to date so that they can avoid the plethora of bugs and errors that the community is currently facing with the shooter offerings.

If the above-mentioned steps do not work when it comes to resolving the “Connection Failed” error, players are advised to contact the official customer support team at this link: The Activision team can probably help them find a solution.

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