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How to get cheap diamonds in August 2022

Free Fire MAX is one of the most famous battle royale titles available to players on Android and iOS platforms. Gamers can download the title from their respective app stores and get a fantastic survival experience with elements such as real life inspired weapons, colorful outfits and much more.

Garena has introduced a unique in-game currency called diamonds into the game. Players can use the currency to unlock items such as Elite Passes, characters, upgradeable weapon skins, emotes, and more. That’s why gamers are always looking for events and methods to get their hands on free diamonds or get bonuses on them.

Developers have released an exciting event in the game where players can get double diamonds. It’s a great way to get more diamonds for a lower price and unlock the items you want in the game.

This article discusses a step-by-step guide to getting cheap diamonds from the Free Fire MAX double diamond offer.

Guide to using double diamond offer in Free Fire MAX

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Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to using the double diamond offer in FF MAX:

1) Open Free Fire MAX on our smartphone.

2) Go to the Top Up Events section to access the double diamond offer.

3) Gamers can check various diamond offers.

4) After that, the player must make any desired top-up amount at the diamond shop.

5) After completing a diamond upgrade, players will receive a 100% bonus in the event.

Here are several 100% diamond bonuses that players get in the event:

  • 100 diamonds upgrade: 100 diamonds bonus
  • 200 diamonds upgrade: 200 diamonds bonus
  • 300 diamonds upgrade: 300 diamonds bonus
  • 500 diamonds upgrade: 500 diamonds bonus
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Gamers can upgrade in Free Fire MAX using the in-game diamond shop. Android users can make payments using various options such as redemption codes, internet banking, credit or debit cards, and UPI. Apple iOS users can pay using their Apple ID.

The best things to buy with diamonds in FF MAX

1) Elite pass

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The best thing you can buy with diamonds in FF MAX is Elite Pass. Garena issues two types of Elite Passes in FF MAX. These passes offer several benefits, with the Elite Pass for 499 Diamonds and the Elite Bundle for 999 Diamonds. Players can receive many great rewards with these passes, including colorful outfits, weapon skins, vehicle skins and much more.

2) Upgradable weapon skins

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The second item that players with diamonds must purchase are the upgradeable weapon skins. These skins have amazing perks like specialized finishing feeds, loot chests, and kill effects. Players can get these skins from weapon crates available in the store.

3) Outfit Bundles

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The third item that players are recommended to buy with diamonds in FF MAX are outfit bundles. Developers are releasing many exciting bundles from which players can get rare and legendary outfits. These bundles range from 100 diamonds to 4000 diamonds.



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