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How to find and solve Raider Hideout Nornir Chest (Midgard)

In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos and his son Atreus travel the Nine Realms in search of a way to prevent Ragnarok. One such realm is Midgard, the human realm and home of Kratos.

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As with the rest of the Nine Realms, Midgard Kratos also offers various challenges and collectibles to discover. One of those collectibles is the Nornir Chests, which reward Kratos with an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead. There are 35 such Nornir Chests scattered across the Nine Realms, of which Kratos only needs to unlock 30 to exceed his HP and Rage meters.

This guide will focus on the Nornir chest found near the raider Hideout, in Midgard.

How to Unlock the Raider Hideout Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok

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This particular Nornir Chest requires Kratos to light three torches to unlock it.

  • The first torch is behind the flowers covering the wall, to the left of the chest.
  • Destroy the wall and flowers by instructing your companion to shoot arrows at them while using your Blades of Chaos.
  • Go back to the center of the room to collect the flaming orb. Return it to the cleared area and throw it at the torch to light it.
  • Players will want to go back to the center of the room to collect the fireball again. Throw the flames at the gold pile to the right of the Nornir chest.
  • After the pile is reduced to rubble, throw another flaming orb at it to light the second torch.
  • Kratos has yet to collect a flaming orb for the third and final torch.
  • After collecting the flames, head back to find a giant empty hole in the middle of the room.
  • Look to the right to find the last torch far away.
  • Instruct Freya to shoot the purple darts at the target, then aim and throw the orb at it.
  • The range of the fireball is increased and the last flare should now ignite.
  • Go back to the chest which is now ready to be unlocked.
  • Unlocking the chest rewards Kratos with an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead, assuming players have not previously opened 30 Nornir chests.
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Who is Kratos in God of War Ragnarok?

The protagonist of the long-running PlayStation exclusive, God of War, Kratos is a Spartan from ancient Greece. The son of Zeus, he is a demigod who ascended to become the God of War in his homeland, after defeating Ares in a treacherous duel.

Imbued with superhuman strength and abilities, Kratos exacted revenge on the Olympians and Titans who had wronged him and his family shortly before fleeing to ancient Scandinavia, prior to the events of God of War (2018).

Kratos is once again forced to confront his past in order to save his son Atreus in an epic saga set in Norse mythos.

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God of War Ragnarok was released worldwide on November 9, 2022 for the PlayStation lineup of home consoles.

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