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How to adjust camera settings in Witcher 3 Next Gen

The Witcher 3 Next Gen update is here, and CD Projekt Red didn’t shy away from posting all the good stuff the community has always wanted. The Next Gen update introduces several game changes that revise some of the much-needed mechanics.

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With Patch 4.0 here for The Witcher 3, gamers are incredibly excited to go for another run with the beloved monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia. Apart from the beautiful looks, Next Gen also brings features that make the overall gameplay experience much better and accessible.

The new camera settings for The Witcher 3 are undoubtedly one of the best things about the recent update. Many players may wonder how to use it to make their gameplay more personal.

Adjust camera settings in The Witcher 3 Next Gen

Next Gen gameplay settings for The Witcher 3 (Image via CD Projekt Red)
Next Gen gameplay settings for The Witcher 3 (Image via CD Projekt Red)

Gamers can play around with the camera settings until they find the perfect look for their game. Here’s how they can access the camera options in the Next Gen update:

  • You will need to navigate to the Gameplay section, which can be found under Options in both the primary and in-game menus.
  • When you open the option, you will find five camera options. One is exclusive to Controllers.
  • The first is for assisted combat rotation, which helps during combat and can only be used for controllers.
  • The second features the reconnaissance camera that can be set according to the desire to explore the world on foot.
  • The combat camera option on the third panel helps you choose the comfortable camera angle that suits you best.
  • The mounted camera option on the fourth panel helps you adjust the camera distance while riding Roach.
  • Finally, automatic camera centering can remain on or off depending on whether you want the camera to center after an event.
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All camera settings can be found under the Gameplay option in The Witcher 3 Next Gen. This makes the game more accessible as players can choose and adjust their camera distances through multiple activities.

Many players prefer close-up cameras while exploring, while others stick with the standard camera that’s far from Geralt’s character. This level of customization has never been possible before in Witcher 3 if the player wasn’t using any mods. Moreover, the Next Gen update really shines in delivering such player comfort options.

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The combat camera has also been improved. It now gives players more freedom to spice up their fighting angles while making it easier to engage in duels. In addition to the camera settings, CD Projekt Red also introduced an all-new photo mode that can help players captivate the beautiful landscape of the continent. This is one of the best features that Patch 4.0 introduced in The Witcher 3.

The Next Gen update also introduces two excellent quest lines for players to enjoy once they’ve finished tweaking the tech additions in the game. Patch 4.0 is the final version of the game that improves the masterpiece RPG in most ways. The game is still rocky for most PC players. But CDPR will most likely drop a patch to fix the persisting issues.

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