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How do GTA Online players buy Weed Farms?

The Weed Farm business continues to grow with this week’s event in GTA Online. These psychoactive drugs are very popular in Los Santos and Blaine County. A lot of bonuses will revolve around them in the coming weeks. For example, if the player completes three Short Trip missions before December 7, they will receive a free LD Organics shirt.

Of course, what GTA Online players really want is money. In this regard, a cannabis business can be a very productive source of income. However, it’s not like you can buy a property to manage from Maze Bank Foreclosures. If you want to start a Weed Farm, you have to become a Biker.

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GTA Online guide on how to buy Weed Farm

Become MC president and buy a clubhouse

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Weed Farms are part of the series of Open Road businesses in the title. However, they can only be managed by MC Presidents who already run a Clubhouse, which can cost between $200,000 and $495,000 in GTA Online.

After purchasing a Clubhouse, you must enter it to activate a cutscene. From now on you can register as an MC president through the interaction menu. Now the real work begins as you start up different businesses; The Weed Farm is currently your priority.

Go to the Open Road

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Your business operations take place on the Open Road website. It can only be accessed from a laptop in the clubhouse. Once you sit down and log in, you can buy your Weed Farm in GTA Online here. These are your options:

  • San Chianski mountain range ($715,000)
  • Mount Chiliad ($805,000)
  • Elysian Island ($1,072,500)
  • Vinewood downtown ($1,358,000)
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Keep in mind that you’ll need to complete a setup mission for the Weed Farm you purchased, which involves driving a pony loaded with supplies. It will have a Smoke in the Water livery, which is associated with a property of the same name that Franklin manages in GTA 5.

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The value of your product sold depends on whether or not you get business upgrades. They can make a huge difference in GTA Online. Here’s what you can buy on the Open Road website:

  • Equipment upgrade ($990,000)
  • staff upgrade ($273,000)
  • Security upgrade ($313,500)

When your Weed Farm is active, you can sell your stock whenever you want. Of course, where there is great risk, there are greater rewards. If you intend to sell your product at full capacity, you must perform the sales mission in a solo lobby. By doing this, you can avoid potential grievances in GTA Online.

Weed Farms are 50% off this week

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From now until December 7, you can get 50% off all Weed Farm businesses, along with their upgrades and renovations. Incidentally, the supply costs for Biker Businesses are 40% lower. This can be relevant for all MC presidents in the game.

There is no better time to buy a Weed Farm. Don’t forget that these special offers are only valid until the end of this week. You will probably save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run if you take advantage of this. Moreover, that leftover money can be used to get even more upgrades in this game.

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