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How BFFs Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor And Bhavana Pandey Survived 3 Decades Of “Ups And Downs”

A legacy of Gauri, Bhavana and Maheep. (thanks to: gauri__khan)

New Delhi:

The long-awaited episode of Coffee With Karan finally aired on wednesday and we have to say, it was exactly what we expected. Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey sat on the Koffee couch. The trio spoke about their three decades of friendship, their jobs, comparisons with their families, success, failure and much more. If you’ve seen Amazing lives of Bollywood women, you should know by now that Gauri, Maheep and Bhavana have been friends for over 30 years. Just like any other relationship, they have gone through quite a few ups and downs. When host Karan Johar asked him about their “friendship of nearly three decades” and how things are still going well, Gauri Khan laughed and said, “We’ve had a lot of fights, to be honest. Let’s not paint this rosy picture.” Bhavana Pandey added: “We’ve had our ups and downs.”

Karan Johar also emphasized how they have had “individual issues” with each other, but they always reconcile and have grown closer over the year. To this, Maheep Kapoor said: “We’ve had a lot of fights, but that’s what it is.” Then Bhavana added: “We’ve also had a lot of great times and we’ve all been there for each other in our hard times too. I think that made us last.” According to Maheep and Gauri, ‘catfights’ are important.

Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey then revealed that people think they are friends with Gauri because she is the wife of superstar Shah Rukh Khan. It all started with Karan Johar giving his own example of a “hanger-on” with Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. He asked Maheep and Bhavana to share their experiences. To this, Maheep said she has been dealing with it “all the time”. She added: “There were times when people said she gets noticed because she’s friends with Gauri Khan. But you know, three decades, 100 fights, 100 problems, hard times, bad times, you can’t fake this.” About the bond the three of them share, Maheep said, “We’ve been through milestones in life. You can’t fake these things.”

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Bhavana Pandey agreed with Maheep Kapoor. She also remembered the time when Gauri Khan asked her to come over for a tea party. “I honestly thought it was very warm and welcoming of her. I didn’t really know anyone. The tea party was great,” she said.

Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey also revealed how their families went through hard times when things didn’t turn out in their favor.

Karan Johar then wanted to hear Gauri Khan’s perspective on how she reacted to Shah Rukh Khan’s success when things didn’t go as planned for Chunky Panday and Sanjay Kapoor. Gauri said, “Success doesn’t matter to me. Of course we love it, we all enjoy it. We have all been a part of Shah Rukh Khan’s success and we are thankful to God. But when it comes to everyday life, I really don’t think much about success and failure, and what’s around me. What all my friends are going through. Because I don’t give it [success] so much importance.” Gauri added that she “values ​​people for being there when they are with me and I enjoy the moment with them.”

Gauri Khan said she doesn’t think she’s that person who always thinks about success and failure. This is where Bhavana Pandey intervened, adding, “We have all enjoyed Shah Rukh Khan’s success with her.” Maheep Kapoor, who himself comes from a star family, said that “nothing or everyone can be a Shah Rukh Khan.”

Maheep Kapoor also revealed that her husband Sanjay Kapoor was unemployed for many years, making “money tight” at the time. “There were times when Sanjay was out of work for years at home. Money was tight. My kids have grown up and see that along with the glamor and glitz. The people around me sometimes made me feel like we were the failed wing of the Kapoor family,” she said.

Also, Bhavana Pandey was candid about Chunky Panday stepping away from stardom after their marriage. “I think marrying Chunky was a big deal in itself, because I was going to marry a movie star who was known all over the world… Especially at home he was such a wonderful person. (For) success, frankly, by the time I married him he had distanced a bit from the lead actor So I didn’t really see that superstardom but of course I knew him as a very popular actor and a very much loved actor What I saw at home is that he had a lot of friends. He had great relationships in the industry … so I didn’t really feel that. It was never the most important thing in my life,” Bhavana said.

For Gauri Khan, who is an interior designer, the label of a superstar’s wife has not always been welcoming and has thwarted her “50 percent of the time” in her profession. But she described Shah Rukh Khan as a “humble” and down-to-earth person who feels “comfortable” with those around him. We all agree, Gauri.

The last episode of Coffee With Karan 7 streams on Disney+Hotstar.



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