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How artificial intelligence and virtual reality are changing the way children learn

By Ritika Amit Kumar

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are not just hot topics, they have the potential to customize each student’s learning journey, moving us away from the assembly line approach to education to which we are all subject.

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are two technologies that are rapidly expanding teaching and learning opportunities, while also providing administrators with new and innovative ways to track student performance, bridge gaps, and collaborate with specialists from around the world to achieve a centralized way to help children identify and bridge gap areas and accelerate areas of excellence. .

There are several ways in which artificial intelligence can be applied in education to help students in their learning process, for example real-time assessments, tracking of micro and macro KPIs (Key Performance Indices) in each child, making learning experiential through VR and AR (Augmented Reality) among others.

How technology makes learning experiential

Most teachers agree that students learn best not when they read something, but when they experience it. Real experiences are limited to the vision and knowledge of the facilitator and the class. But with the help of technology, these experiences can take a whole new trajectory. Imagine reading about Antarctica and then seeing penguins diving into the ocean. Imagine being able to attend a book presentation again via VR by your favorite author, whose latest book you just read.

You’d think we’re talking heavy investment, getting a tablet for every kid, something like that. But we can also do without heavy investments. The above can all be achieved through Google Cardboard Headsets, single cameras and microphones in classrooms.

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Facial Recognition can assess each child’s arousal level and responsiveness on various topics. This way, real-time assessments can become reality. Of course, any system would have inaccuracies in the beginning, but these inaccuracies would quickly diminish as the system got smarter.

Use of AI and VR in education

Over the past two decades, India has moved rapidly from the Right to Education phase to the New Education Policy phase. This year, the Ministry of Education float carried the Metaverse vision.

Although Metaverse appears to be a virtual 3D version of reality and beyond, accessible without moving an inch, for a fraction of the amount it would cost to experience the same thing in reality. There is much more to it.

Today, students have access to the best faculty and the best recommendations based on their real-time assessments. They can list their work as NFT and earn tokens from it. These tokens can be used to get grants.

While most people are influenced by the VR aspect of the Metaverse, I am personally influenced by the AI ​​portion of it and the access that such intelligence would provide.

Many are afraid to introduce AI into our education system. They see it as a threat that would replace teachers. We definitely need policies on how AI can be used and how not. However, AI helping a teacher would really be a combination. It could stop our education system from offering an assembly line approach towards creating a tailored approach.

E-learning community in Metaverse

While the metaverse is still in its infancy, education is moving towards it, aiming to improve the learning experiences for every student.

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In short, education is on the cusp of a massive change and everyone across the domain, including government, is now creating an environment to facilitate it and build on the Metaverse framework.

The author of this article is CEO and co-founder, STEM Metaverse. Opinions expressed are personal.

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