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Honor MagicOS 7 Officially Released With New Core Technologies

Honor MagicOS 7 New Features Highlights

It is also considered a long preheat, this afternoon Honor held MagicOS and developer conference. Where Honor’s latest generation full-scene operating system MagicOS 7 was officially released.

MagicOS 7 official release

Honor MagicOS 7 has extensively upgraded the architecture of the software system, aiming to create seamless collaboration between devices, a seamless flow of convergence of ecological experiences between different applications, with extensive upgrades in four key areas: smart connectivity, smart services, smooth performance and privacy and security.

Honor MagicOS 7 Officially Released With New Core Technologies 1

According to the official release of Honor, MagicOS 7.0 has a MagicRing trust ring, Magic Live wisdom engine, Turbo X system engine, MagicGuard security four platform-level root technology and system core services.

Among them, MagicRing provides system-level device connection technology, provides self-discovery and self-grouping of multi-device connectivity capabilities by combining location-aware technology, and realizes the industry’s first mobile phone\Pad\PC keyboard sharing, enabling cross-device office and notification/call -screen stream with owner identification.

Magic Live wisdom engine realizes multi-scene, multi-dimensional and multi-intent scene awareness and intent understanding through multi-intent combination recommendation, multi-scene geofencing generalization and multi-dimensional fast learning, which simply means AI can predict the owner’s behavior and thus create memories in advance.

The Turbo X system engine consists of OS Turbo X, GPU Turbo X, and LINK Turbo X. OS Turbo X can improve the speed of application launches in multiple scenarios through AI preload technology, and ensures accurate supply of resources for applications through learning scene perception and user understanding.

GPU Turbo X enables a higher frame rate gaming experience with lower power consumption with its scene recognition-based AI graphics rendering engine and scene load-based intelligent scheduling.

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LINK Turbo X predicts and identifies network outages in advance by detecting application functions, accessing network function environmental functions, and learning user habits to provide users with a high-quality communication solution experience.

MagicGuard security system from the bottom layer of Honor’s self-examination security chip to a self-examination double TEE operating system, a trusted system to protect the user’s data information. Honor also announced the installation of a bank U shield in the phone to support a single personal transfer of up to 5 million yuan.

In other aspects, MagicOS 7.0 takes “Flow” as the core of the design, upgrading the Bezier curve to an elastic curve, making the visual focus more arbitrary, while launching the HONOR Sans font, through spacing optimization, making the layout neater and clearer.

MagicOS 7.0 will open the upgrade of old models one by one from December, and the first public tests will open in December this year, including Honor Magic V, Magic3 Supreme Edition, Magic3 Pro, Magic3 and V40.

Honor MagicOS 7 Upgrade Roadmap

December 2022 Honor Magic V
Honor Magic3 Ultimate
Honor Magic3 Pro
Honor Magic3
Honor V40
January 2023 Honor Magic4 Ultimate
Honor Magic4
Honor Magic4 Pro
February 2023 Honor 70 Pro+
Honor 70 Pro
Honor 70
March 2023 Honor 60 Pro
Honor 60
Honor 50 Pro
Honor 50
April 2023 Honor X40 GT
May 2023 Honor V40 Light Luxury Edition
Honor X40
Honor X30
Honor MagicOS 7 Upgrade Roadmap




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