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Higher education institutes to be rated on Student Innovation and Start-up Index

To push universities and institutes to start-ups, Gujarat’s education department has launched an annual benchmarking system to assess their progress and rank their performance through Student Innovation and Start-up Index (SISI).

Under the initiative, universities and institutes are required to annually collect and submit data to the UDAYAM COGENT portal launched during the Covid-19 pandemic. The data would be ranked on a 1,000-point rating structure.

The efforts of the best performing academic institutions will be appreciated at the annual SSIP awards – Startup Prashansa.

The macro indicators of SISI are competence, support system and value capture with 300, 300 and 400 points respectively. Under these three macro indicators fall several micro indicators, including outreach and learning, knowledge management and benchmarking, academic resources, infrastructure, awards and recognition, contextual relevance and innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Under SSIP 2.0, any higher education institution (HEI) will promote and nurture innovation among the youth… it is mandated to benchmark ‘innovation and startup efforts’ among universities and institutes in Gujarat… The education department has the decided that every HEI supporting innovation must undergo an annual benchmark as set out in the SISI framework to assess their progress in fostering student innovation and start-ups,” the policy document launched on Saturday.

In January of this year, the Education Department institutionalized the Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP) 2.0.

So far, 6,944 student innovations have been supported under SSIP, while 1,381 intellectual property was submitted, 2,132 student start-ups nurtured through several flagship programs, and 186 HEIs, including 51 universities, were funded to expand support for innovators and start-ups.

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The SSIP 2.0 has a provision of Rs 500 crore for the next five years, from 2022 to 2027. While the state has allocated Rs 300 crore, Rs 200 crore will be raised through matching contributions and external sources to support 10,000 innovations and to nurture and start ups in the state.

Benchmarking enables all educational institutions to continuously progress and track their performance from year to year in supporting innovation and start-ups, and develop a competitive and collaborative spirit in the educational institutions to boost their institutional startup ecosystem. the Government Resolution (GR) issued for SISI by the state government.

The State Level Project Management Unit (PMU) at Gujarat Knowledge Society will work as a focal point authority to implement the Student Innovation and Startup Index (SISI) while the activities and necessary expenses are to be made and executed under the State Level Program Head under SSIP 2.0 .



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