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Hamad Bin Jassim Industrial Training Institute in India is an educational edifice with developmental dimensions

Hamad Bin Jassim Industrial Training Institute provides advanced training in many industrial fields, which are represented by many specializations adopted and prepared according to the needs of the local labor market in the state, including: Ministry of Electricity, Mechanics, Welding, Plumbing and Marine Mechanics .

These departments comprise 12 sub-units with a capacity of 300 students per year.

The launch of the Hamad Bin Jassim Industrial Training Institute, which started its 2018-2019 academic year, has helped to provide advanced education that aims to build a generation armed with skills and professionalism and make them more competitive.

In terms of preparing experienced cadres who have passed the best vocational training so that they can start their own business and start a successful practical life in a way that supports the industrial sector in India and the business world at large.

Since the beginning of the study at the Institute, efforts have been made to build an advanced education system with good financial and economic feasibility for rural areas in Kokun, and this vision has emerged from the feasibility study.

The economic realities in developing countries indicate a high demand for skilled technicians to meet the demands of the labor market, and this is what the institute is trying to achieve through its various efforts and its working mechanism at the level of different specializations.

80% of the training period during the school years is devoted to practical training, while the rest is distributed in the field of theoretical training related to the streams of commerce, arithmetic, science, engineering, labor skills, the library.

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There are several extracurricular activities that help add an element of fun to the educational process and that would be a catalyst for their great endeavours.

Hamad Bin Jassim Industrial Training Institute reflects the objective and scientific strategy of the institution in the implementation of its development projects in many countries of the world by conducting a feasibility study and field assessment of the expected impact of the project on the economic, social and developmental level.

This is in collaboration with many institutions and bodies operating in those countries, and the institute is a vivid example of the qualitative impact that Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Charitable Foundation initiatives are having on the lifestyles of those needy communities.

It improves the living conditions of the population by providing them with various technical skills in many industrial fields that enable them to exert a significant influence on the labor market and mitigate the negative effects of unemployment on society as a whole.

This slogan is a practical implementation of the vision of the Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Charitable Foundation “Health and Education for a Better Life”.

Based on this development strategy, the vocational specializations of the Hamad Bin Jassim Industrial Training Institute, recognized by the National Council for Vocational Training and the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training in Maharashtra, are at the forefront.

The needs of the labor market not only at the state level, but also at the country level, where the Hamad Bin Jassim Institute for Industrial Training has become one of the tributaries supporting the state’s local market by providing cadres at of a high level of competence and professionalism that will be the bearers of the major renaissance of their local economy and play an important role in improving the standard of living of families in that area.

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More than 1.4 million QR to help needy families and groups

This monthly and ongoing aid comes throughout the year due to the great interest the Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Charitable Foundation takes in projects and initiatives within Qatar.

The Aid for People in Qatar Foundation occupies a significant portion of the charity’s aid priorities, based on its acceptance of its social responsibilities reinforcing its vision of “health and education for a better life”.

Health and Education

Considering the importance the Foundation attaches to the field of health and education, in line with the Vision of the Foundation, the Foundation has taken the initiative to financially support many students of different levels of education, with a total value of QR917, 243. This aid is aimed at students with a limited income who experience difficulties in continuing their education because they cannot afford tuition fees. This segment includes students at various levels of education in private and public schools, in addition to private universities and academic institutions.

The aid is intended to meet the necessary needs of the students to enable them to continue their educational and academic achievements without financial impediments. This is in addition to continuing to support the Hamad Bin Jassim Center for Computing Science Education, which was founded by Jassim and the Hamad Bin Jassim Charitable Foundation in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University.

Financial help

In the context of financial and in-kind assistance, the Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Charitable Foundation applies a flexible and effective mechanism to reach the majority of the needy groups in Qatar and support their various urgent needs. The Foundation provided financial and in-kind assistance worth QR496,631. November aid included the Qatar Diabetes Association and the Aman Center, where aid amounted to QR 30,500.

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Sustainable initiatives

The charitable initiatives and projects carried out by the Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Charitable Foundation are characterized by their sustainable nature due to the fact that they are self-funded, and dedicate in their orientations the principle of social solidarity, by providing continuous social assistance to the needy. insuring and needy families and easing the financial burdens they face.



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