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GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay Footage Reveals Characters, Locations and More

Plenty of alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 footage has leaked onto the internet revealing the game’s two main characters, a heist and much more. A total of 90 videos claiming to be early, work-in-progress clips of GTA 6 were leaked by a user on GTAForums called ‘teapotuberhacker’. These leaked clips add more detail to the leaks previously uncovered on YouTube.

Grand Theft Auto VI is one of the most anticipated games of all time, as its predecessor GTA V was the second best-selling video game worldwide. It has sold billions of copies, acclaimed by both critics and fans, and it has served as a cultural icon for the gaming industry for nearly a decade. There is a lot at stake and fans have been looking forward to the game for a long time.

The above leaked footage of GTA 6 reveals a female character robbing the restaurant, while giving the player an amount of time before the police arrive to steal money and take the hostages. When the police arrive, a female character accompanied by a male character (named Lucia and Jason) grabs one of their vehicles and is told to leave it to carry out the mission.

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You might think this is all fake, but the community has never seen such massive and detailed leaks before. A total of 90 videos of a game still in development is quite unusual, especially for such a big upcoming title. Based on a clip in a strip club, the game is expected to have an extremely large audience.

Another video shows a character moving with a gun in hand and a rifle on their back, showing that Rockstar will be using Red Dead Redemption 2’s supply chain, which only allows you to carry two firearms at a time. Prior to GTA games, you could carry a whole arsenal in an unfamiliar bag, but that could change with this new installment.

It should also be noted that some of the leaked images date back to 2021, and if genuine, they represent a development process for a game that will not be released for years. GTA Forums users are currently debating whether these footage clips are authentic or not, so players should take this with a grain of salt. The leak covers approximately 52 minutes of footage. To watch the whole thing on YouTube, you can watch part one here and then part two here.

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