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google search knowledge panels material you redesign mobile desktop

Google Search’s knowledge panels have received a much-needed refresh


  • Google shows themed knowledge panel maps for people, places, and things
  • They show relevant information about the topic before the search results
  • Google Search shows a bell icon to subscribe to notifications

Google’s knowledge panels have been a great way to learn more about a topic, person, or thing. These tiles traditionally appear as a column on the right side of a Google search result (depending on the topic) and display bits of information that might be slightly more relevant to the search query compared to the usual hyperlinks in blue below the search bar. A new redesign rolling out to both desktop and mobile now makes them a lot more useful, while updating the search giant’s interface with a modern design to match its other products.

The new knowledge panel layout, first spotted by 9to5Google, is very similar to Google’s Material You design philosophy for its Android devices with large maps with rounded corners laid out on a colored background relevant to the search. So searching for “pesto” will show a knowledge box with a green theme with matching cards (or tiles), while the spice “saffron” will show a matching red-colored overlay. The colored knowledge panel layouts work not only for things or objects with a defined color, but also for people. The theme of the panel changes according to the images displayed in the panel, which means they will vary and change accordingly depending on the images displayed in the search results.

The new knowledge panel layout shows the name of the person or thing with a bell icon on the right to subscribe to notifications of that specific topic. This is immediately followed by large images of the person or object, followed by other cards that provide information that can range from age, to “net worth,” to recent tweets and sports stats for famous people, to “things to know” and recipes for a particular herb or food ingredient.


Google search knowledge panel maps on mobile

Places knowledge panels have a similar layout, but with maps showing the weather in that specific location, along with travel details to “get there” (links to flight bookings) and a small map with places of interest pinned to it (which opens on GoogleMaps ). The implementation and integration work well and the new redesign puts all the important organized information at the beginning of the search result on both desktop and mobile, which is handy. We’ve noticed a few instances where the knowledge panel theme card layout appeared way down on mobile search, but these are for broader search terms.

One detail to keep in mind is that these redesigned knowledge panels are not currently available for all people, places, organizations, and things (or search categories), so users may see several with the older layout. However, these may be gradually updated by the search giant as the redesign rolls out to users around the world.

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