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Google enables Matter across Nest Home and Android devices

This Thursday, Google will officially launch support for Matter on Google Nest and Android devices. Matter is a new unified smart home platform that promotes interoperability across ecosystems and allows one platform to borrow support from an incompatible device.

Google has added support for the Matter platform on the Nest Mini, Nest Audio, Nest Hub (1st and 2nd gen), Nest Hub Max, Nest Wi-Fi Pro, Google Home, and Google Home Mini. That means if you already have one of these devices, it will act as a bridge between the internet and the other Thread-compatible devices in your home.

Google confirms that more Nest devices, including the Nest Thermostat (2020) and the Nest Wi-Fi (non-Pro), will be updated in 2023. Android phones also support Matter devices and integrate with Fast Pair to quickly add a new device to your home. Google will bring Matter support to the iOS version of the Google Home app early next year. Once a device is on your home network, any Matter-compatible app can control it.

Matter uses Wi-Fi and the ‘Thread’ protocol to communicate with smart home devices so that the smart home devices themselves can become nodes in a mesh network in the home. That way, commands to smart home devices don’t have to bounce to a cloud-based system, reducing dependency on cloud services and reducing latency between command and response.

Google is enabling Matter on Nest Home and Android devices

Regardless of the brand of your Thread “border router”, Thread release 1.3.0 will standardize its function across all brands so you wouldn’t have multiple Thread networks in your home.

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Amazon has confirmed that 30 of its Echo devices will be compatible with Matter and Thread, and Apple has already rolled out support for Matter and Thread on its HomePod Mini (2nd Gen) and Apple TV 4K (2nd Gen).




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