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Google announces Gmail, Chrome and other Lock Screen widgets for iOS 16

Google has announced that most of its core products such as Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Drive, Search, Google News, etc. will have widgets for the lock screen on iOS 16. However, users will have to wait for these widgets as they will only be available in coming weeks. be made. For those wondering how these widgets differ from the ones already on iOS, the big difference is that they are now pulled to the lock screen.

Apple’s iOS 16 offers the option to further customize the lock screen. This includes the ability to change the font style and color for the time and date display, the ability to add new and more customizable wallpapers, as well as more widgets on the lock screen itself. Users can quickly glance at the information from the lock screen itself, without having to unlock the device.

According to Google’s blog post written by Susie Wee, who is VP for Cross-Product Experiences, the Google search widget allows users to rely on voice or camera to search from the lock screen itself. Users can also translate or get homework help through this widget.

The Gmail widget for iOS 16 lock screen. (Image credit: Google)

The Chrome Lock Screen widget also allows users to initiate a search using their voice or even load the much-loved dino game. The Google Drive widget allows users to access starred files or folders with a single tap, while the Maps widget shows a user’s frequent trips along with estimated travel times. All this information is available from your lock screen. The Maps widget also has a search function to help find restaurants and shops.

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Google News also gets a widget with real-time headlines that are visible at a glance. Users can tap to read more in the app.

Most importantly, the Gmail widget should appeal to many users. This will automatically show you the number of new messages in your inbox. Users also have “the option to customize the widget to see which inbox categories, such as Social or Updates, have new posts,” notes the blog post.

Google has not confirmed when exactly the widgets will be rolled out to customers.



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