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God Father teaser: Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan join forces for an epic showdown

The first teaser for Chiranjeevi’s God Father is out and it’s even more menacing than ever. The teaser shows how the God Father is a towering figure wherever he sets foot and no one can ignore his unmistakable swagger. (Also read: Chiranjeevi on why he chose Salman Khan over Aamir Khan as Godfather)

The teaser opens with a backstory about how the God Father’s whereabouts went unnoticed for 20 years, but he got back into the scene six years ago and the general public couldn’t be happier. However, Nayanthara is certainly not a fan, as she hopes for anything but his return.

Chiranjeevi’s face is finally revealed when he beats up thugs and uses them as a stool. Politicians want him dead and the police want him caught, but they can keep dreaming because he, the world’s greatest don, has the support of the world’s greatest bhai, Salman Khan. The Bollywood stars call themselves his younger brother and hope he hasn’t forgotten him as he makes an explosive appearance on a bicycle and later together in a wicked, CGI-infested scene when a car breaks through a wall.

A remake of the Malayalam movie Lucifer, Chiranjeevi takes on the role of Mohanlal. Salman plays the role of Prithviraj Sukumaran in Godfather and Nayanthara takes on the role of Manju Warrier. The film, directed by Mohan Raja, marks Salman’s first appearance in a Telugu film. It will be released on October 5.

During the launch of Laal Singh Chaddha’s trailer, Aamir Khan asked why Chiranjeevi didn’t approach him for a role in his movie Godfather and instead went with Salman Khan. “The character didn’t need someone with heart and brain, but someone for their physicality, so we went with Salman,” said Chiranjeevi, who burst out laughing.

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