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Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for December 10: Weapon skins on offer

Redeem Garena Free Fire MAX Codes before December 10: These codes are active for a limited time. Don’t miss them.

Redeem Garena Free Fire MAX Codes Before December 10th: While it’s necessary to know how to fire a gun in Free Fire, the player movement itself is probably a pretty underrated game mechanic. While you can’t outrun a bullet, you can move in a zigzag pattern to make it difficult to aim. You can also move between obstacles to stay out of direct sight of the gun. And you can crawl into the grass to get close to the enemy unnoticed. There are many ways to get the most out of movement mechanics and you need to make sure you master them all. And as always, scroll down to get your daily redemption codes.

But before that, Garena Free Fire North America posted on Twitter about a mysterious new character. It tweeted, “Rivalries on the battlefield come on the field! Shirou and Tatsuya play a soccer game with a mysterious girl. Watch the video and discover her amazing abilities! The match begins, enjoy the Football Fable on Free Fire”.

Redeem Garena Free Fire MAX Codes before December 10th

The redemption codes are 12-digit unique alphanumeric codes that contain special in-game items ranging from costumes, weapons, accessories, diamond vouchers to premium bundles. The codes can be easily claimed on the official Redemption website. These codes are shared daily so you can try your luck again and again. There is no limit to the number of codes you can claim, but one code can only be used once by a player. There are also a number of conditions.

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First, the codes are valid for 12-18 hours. So make sure to claim them as soon as possible. And some codes may be limited to a certain region, so they won’t work for them. Therefore, focus on claiming as many codes as possible.

Check out today’s redemption codes below

















Garena Free Fire MAX: How To Get Free Redemption Codes Before December 10th

Step 1: Visit the game’s Redemption website by clicking on the link

Step 2: Log into your game account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple ID, Huawei ID and VK.

Step 3: You now have to enter one of the redemption codes in the text box and then click on the confirmation button.

Step 4: And you’re done! You will be notified whether the redemption was successful or not. The rewards will be reflected in your email section within 24 hours in case of a successful redemption.



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