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Future of subscription-based gaming explored

Microsoft has offered Sony the right to sell Call of Duty as part of its PS Plus subscription-based gaming service, according to a Bloomberg report.

This is part of Microsoft’s efforts to secure regulatory approval for its $69 billion bid to buy Activision Blizzard Inc. buying, which the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is trying to prevent. This forced the company to go all out with its offers.

Microsoft’s offer to make Call of Duty available on PlayStation includes access to Sony’s subscription

Previously, Microsoft had reportedly offered a 10-year deal to make Call of Duty available on PlayStation, which Sony did not accept.

Call of Duty is a huge aspect of Microsoft’s bid for Activision Blizzard

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Microsoft had previously announced that Call of Duty games will be added to Xbox Game Pass once its acquisition of Activision Blizzard Inc. continues.

The Xbox Game Pass currently leads the video game and cloud gaming subscription market, offering bigger games than the PS Plus. So to make the deal easier for Sony, Microsoft has offered to make the franchise available on the PS Plus.

Sony has yet to respond to Microsoft’s latest proposal, but the chances of acceptance are slim. The company has accused its rival of “tying a lot of consumers to Xbox” with its attempts to force Activision Blizzard Inc. to take over. It plans to keep Call of Duty as a partner, bringing several exclusive features to the platform and bringing more players to PlayStation.

BREAKING: The Federal Trade Commission is suing Microsoft to block its acquisition of Activision. It looks like Microsoft will not own Activision. Keep following us for updates by FOLLOWING @CODMW2Informer.

Sony has the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on its side as the commission announced its attempt to close Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard Inc. to block. The deal is also currently under review by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which may delay the acquisition until the second half of 2023.

Here’s what Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer had to say about Sony’s role in the proceedings earlier this week:

“Sony is trying to protect its dominance on the console. The way they’re growing is by downsizing Xbox. They have a very different view of the industry than we do. They don’t ship their games day and night on PC, they don’t putting their games into their subscription when they launch their games, Sony is leading the dialogue on why the deal should not go through.”

The Xbox Game Pass currently has over 25 million subscribers, significantly more than the PS Plus. Adding Call of Duty to Sony’s offerings will greatly increase the subscription service’s popularity.

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