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Four Directors in Talks for #Nag100

Nagarjuna Akkineni will launch his 100th film next year. The landmark film must be special. He has entrusted the task to four directors to come up with a great story.

“I have to be extra careful with this special project. Four directors are in talks. I will announce the film as soon as one of them has a perfect idea,” Nagarjuna told media.

Beaming with the success of his Hindi film Brahmastra, Nagarjuna said Bollywood audiences have always welcomed him with open arms.

“People enjoy my role. The response has been great,” he says.

Nagarjuna believed that public tastes have completely changed after the pandemic. “I have to choose stories and scripts based on the changed screenplay,” he said.

The success of movies like “Sita Ramam” and “Oke Oka Jeevitham” have inspired Nagarjuna to produce better content.

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