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FNB News – Demystifying the world of hospitality education

The opening of travel, Christmas on the anvil, skyrocketing airfare prices and overbooked hotels are clear indicators of people traveling more than ever, and there is a willingness to see new places and learn new traditions and cultures. When people go out, they look for the comfort and luxury of their home away from home. People also travel for many other reasons, such as work, study, volunteering and medical treatment. Hospitality arises there; to provide a variety of services to the guests, and this requires good hospitality professionals such as executives and managers.

The hospitality segment is excelling and needs a large workforce to support its growth trajectory, and the industry looks brighter and more inviting than ever before when it comes to job opportunities and careers. Today more than ever, hospitality management is an excellent career option. Not only in India where improved salary scales, 100% placement and rapid promotions provide an excellent career path, but now it has become possible for students to take international courses and find a job abroad very easily. Moreover, these international programs are cheaper than people think. The job scenario in the hospitality industry is changing and students are being placed in the hospitality and tourism sector proving that the hospitality industry is the best job provider. The main concern here is attracting and retaining the right talent, with the right remuneration package and a favorable working environment.

With this background in mind, hospitality educators should focus on skills in view of the job requirements. Institutes should focus on providing industry with work-ready candidates who do not require further training for their skills.

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Numerous hospitality management schools and colleges are springing up in various places in India to create industry-ready job candidates with the promise of upskilling and reskilling in a manner consistent with the national education policies of the government of India. Many such institutes also provide prestigious partnerships with universities abroad and captivate students by offering them employment opportunities through hybrid courses and industry-focused training and internships. Such institutions have changed the lives of many job seekers and are a boon to many such parents who dream of their children pursuing respectable careers with guaranteed placements both in India and abroad.

Different institutes have different offerings, but the standard is four years of hospitality management study to earn a bachelor’s degree. After that, a world of possibilities opens up, such as a postgraduate diploma with different specializations and master’s programs. Just like any other movement, professionals can also obtain a PhD. Several universities offer such programs.

Hospitality management institutes in India have provided top class hospitality education to students pursuing careers in the industry, with many branches located in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The main area of ​​focus that separates the best from the mediocre is the integration of on-the-job training at hotels, apart from industrial training, and the opportunity to complete part of their qualification abroad. The students of such institutes are granted a work visa for three years after completing their advanced degree, with the option of obtaining permanent residency in the countries where they receive their final certification or where they graduate.

For those who have completed their 12th grade, taking management courses assures great job opportunities. These students may also think about studying abroad for their undergraduate degree. Hospitality education opens up a range of areas to explore; from regular careers in hotels and restaurants to areas such as theme parks, entertainment, cruises, sports, recreation, healthcare and travel and tourism offer a range of employment opportunities. Students can also come up with their own startups and entrepreneurial ventures with some imagination and innovation. The world is ready to accept everything mainstream and unusual.

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Reputable institutes now ensure that their students are on an equal footing with their international counterparts either through practical knowledge or by giving them an overseas taste of the working culture along with the environment. While living in India, the students gain experience at a foreign university, as if they had two degrees in one – a win-win situation for students. Many institutes also have links with prestigious hotel chains for training and internships.

In addition to the above, they focus on online, offline and vocational training programs and gradually introduce several one-year dynamic dual certification courses in cooperation with universities abroad as courses are in line with industry needs and demands.

The variety of courses ranges from a one-year diploma to three years of bachelor’s degrees in hotel management and related courses. For the academic year 2022–2023, several institutes have opened admissions in the areas of administration, housing, food production, food and beverage management, front office, marketing and accounting.

We, at the British Columbia College of Management (BCCM) as thought leaders and consultants to the hospitality industry, are committed to educating seasoned and experienced hospitality and education professionals for this industry, so the courses are designed to provide interaction with industry and real-life input from senior managers working at reputable brands. Including case studies of best practices, a flexible curriculum supported by efficient learning systems gives the students the flexibility to take on any assignment when it suits them, accompanied by technology merged with easy-to-use study materials and online exam mode for on-the-job training.

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Today the industry is better paid as talent shortage leads to higher pay levels, experienced workers can accelerate their career by changing jobs and getting promotions in the process. Many employers are switching to five-day work scenarios to create a better work-life balance. It will be at least a few years before these aspects come into effect and seep through.

Hospitality education is becoming brighter, more ambitious and more promising every year, with many prestigious international universities opening their branches in India. Soon it would no longer matter which catering school one graduates from, because the sector is growing by leaps and bounds. There is definitely room for more! The bookings have started and we are all ready to put up the ‘house full’ and ‘sold out’ signs and signs.

(The author is general manager and CEO,
British Columbia Institute of Management)



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