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First-Ever #WorldDenseBreastDay Event to Promote Education about Dense Breasts

September 22, 2022 — (DB-i) has announced it will host the inaugural #WorldDenseBreastDay on September 28, 2022. Sponsored by the world’s leading website on the subject, #WorldDenseBreastDay has been added to the National Day Calendar.

Building on the success of three previous #DenseBreastDay events, #WorldDenseBreastDay is designed to reach tens of thousands of patients, caregivers and health organizations around the world. The goal of this global one-day social media blitz is to raise awareness about the screening and risk implications of breast density and to share medical educational resources.

Twice-hourly social media posts, including videos and dynamic images, will appear in both English and Spanish starting at midnight USA/Eastern and will be active for 24 hours. Focusing on what breast density is, why it matters, and screening options for women with dense breasts, posts will include links to new and updated educational resources on the website. Breast imaging professionals and the general public are encouraged to participate.

“Ninety percent of women in the US now live in states with an ‘inform’ law for density, and the European Society of Breast Imaging now recommends that European women be informed about their individual breast density,” said JoAnn Pushkin, executive director, DB -i. “While this is our fourth annual social media campaign to educate on the topic, the day’s reach has now expanded globally to meet the growing need for information on the topic in the US and beyond.”

“It is essential that patients receive accurate information about their breast density and what to do after their mammograms. While we in the US await the final implementation of a national standard for reporting breast density by the FDA, educational events such as #WorldDenseBreastday are essential to give women the information they need to make their own breast health decisions,” said Dr. Wendie Berg, DB -i Chief Scientific Advisor.

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