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FFRC bans schools from charging money for security deposit, refundable fund, admission fee

The Committee on Establishing and Regulating Private School Fees (FFRC) in Jammu and Kashmir has banned educational institutions from charging huge amounts in the name of deposit, repayable fund or entrance fee, according to an official statement.

According to FFRC Chair Justice (retd) Muzaffar Hussain Attar, most parents who form a voiceless classroom are subject to the “illegal, unethical and immoral demands” of the “little great” school boards.

In addition, the order came after complaints from several school boards who allegedly asked the students or parents to pay huge sums in the name of a deposit, a repayable fund and in some cases as an entrance fee.

“In times of unequal bargaining power, few school principals abuse their higher bargaining power by allegedly asking students to pay huge sums in the name of a deposit, a repayable fund and in some cases as an entrance fee,” the FFRC said. chairman in an order.

“Adopting this most unfair practice can do enormous damage to the social fabric. On the one hand, the children of lesser mortals lose the opportunity to compete in an otherwise harsh world, and on the other hand, some persons, among those who pay huge sums at the time of their pupils’ admission into these few schools, have to arranging such money illegally,” the order said.

In addition, the FFRC said that education has traditionally been used as a medium to develop and inculcate moral values ​​in the people. Sadly, however, few people “suffer from an incurable disease of insatiable greed” destroy the moral values ​​of society.

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“Illegal money is generated and pumped into the market, which can negatively affect the economic health of the state,” it said.

The FFRC said the state has enacted laws to ensure that education is not commercialized and that this noble cause is protected from all kinds of negative attacks.

“Given the legal position, the schools, more particularly those few large schools that demand more money from the parents than the fee…, have been restrained and prohibited from charging and collecting fees beyond the fee. fee prescribed by Section – 20 E (1), more specifically, are restricted and prohibited from charging and collecting money from the parents/pupils in the name of bails, refundable fees or money under any name” , the order said.

The FFRC asked the schools that have charged and collected more than the prescribed fee “to return this money to the parents/pupils without delay”.

“The parents who under the circumstances were forced to pay the money above the prescribed fee are free to notify FFRC by providing details of the payments so that the action is initiated and punishments are given to errant school principals in compliance with the law, and it is ensured that the money charged and collected in this way is returned to the parents,” said Justice (retd) Attar.

With input from PTI.

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