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“Feel Free To Unfollow Me”

Saba Azad shared this photo. (thanks to: sabazad)

New Delhi:

Saba Azad recently attended the lavish wedding reception of actors Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha with her boyfriend Hrithik Roshan in Mumbai. Saba wore a beautiful green outfit for the occasion. A few hours ago, Saba also shared a photo of herself from the reception evening. However, a few Instagram users didn’t like her look of the evening and many were trolling her. One such troll wrote, “You looked like… chheee (yuck), eeew, yaak,. whatever you understand… take it.” In response to the user, the actor shared the screenshot of the user’s comment along with her profile on her Instagram story, writing: “This is Shruti, apparently she loves her love , but she also just follows me to share her copious hate – there are many like her – don’t be like Shruti – feel free to unfollow me (smiley emoticon). By the way, Shruti hasn’t met the block button yet – they will meet soon!!”

View Saba’s message here:


Just a few hours ago, the actor shared a few photos of himself from Tuesday’s reception night. She captioned it: “I only dress nicely on rare occasions (yes I’m a mutt and I don’t care what you think of my duds) and this one was well worth it, thank you Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal for inviting us to celebrate your love – it gives hope for a future where love wins – above all else.”

Richa Chadha responded to her message, writing: “Dear Saba, you look radiant. And love always wins…there is no version of the world where it doesn’t…just take time. Thank you for being with us, you looked amazing and loved it too,” tagged Hrithik Roshan.

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Many of Saba’s fans also motivated her in her comment section. One of them wrote: “You made us proud with that beautiful look. I especially like that green color. Thanks for sharing your charm with us… and – more plz!”

Another fan wrote: “Saba, you are always beautiful and charming!”

This is what Saba wore to Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal’s reception:

Saba and Hrithik have been dating for a while now. The pair are often seen together on many occasions. They made their first official public appearance on Karan Johar’s birthday in May.



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