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Explained: What is the purpose of UDISE plus in India’s education system?

The UDISE+ system includes more than 1.5 million schools, 9.5 million teachers and more than 260 million pre-school to upper secondary students from different socio-economic backgrounds. Most UDISE+ data items are based on three pillars of the education system; schools, students and teachers.

According to the official UDISE+ website, it is mandatory for all primary schools across the country to fall under the UDISE+ framework.

Data collection

UDISE+ (Unified District Information System for Education) is an online real-time data collection system from schools and was introduced by the Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSEL) under the Ministry of Education in 2018-19 to address the limitations associated keeping with the past practice of manually entering data on paper. In particular, improvements have been made to the UDISE+ system in the areas of data collection, data mapping and data verification.

The UDISE+ system collects information from all accredited and non-accredited schools providing formal education, from Kindergarten to Grade XII. The UDISE+ collects information via an online Data Collection Form (DCF) on parameters ranging from school, infrastructure, dropout level, teachers, enrollments, exam results, etc. spread over 11 sections.

Information collected through the UDISE+ digital platform helps central and state governments plan, optimize resource allocation and implement various education-related programs and assess progress made. In addition, it contains data related to school safety, expenses, vocational education, etc.

What is a UDISE code?

It is an 11-digit code that is a unique identifier and a national-level unique identifier based on a school’s geographic location. It takes about a week to complete the UDISE code generation process. Once assigned to a specific school, this code becomes permanent and cannot be changed in the future.

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How do I get a UDISE code?

Each school is assigned a unique UDISE code and if a new school is created, the school will need a UDISE code to establish a unique identity in the UDISE+ records. UDISE+ has the school as a data collection unit and the district as a data distribution unit.

Know your gym

‘Know Your School’ is a module developed by the UDISE+ administration to retrieve school information and school report summary completed in the DCF according to the respective state, district and block.


Select one of three options:

1) Search by UDISE CODE

2) Search by name

3) Search by PIN code

If you select ‘Search by name’ choose your state, school name, enter captcha and click ‘submit’


Section 1 School profile (location, structure, leadership and language of instruction)
Section 2

Physical facilities and equipment

Section 3 Teaching and non-teaching staff
Section 4 New recordings, registrations and repeaters
Section 5 Stimulants and facilities for children
Section 6 Annual exam results
Section 8

Receipts and expenses

Section 10 BGA and other indicators
Section 11 Safety at school



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